Learning Abroad Center

UofM Transcripts for Non-UofM Students

Policy Statement

All non-UofM students have one official UofM transcript sent to the address at their home institution as listed by the student on the Transcript Request Form (TRF). The UofM official transcript is sent after the study abroad grades are posted. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the accurate address of the official responsible for posting credit at their home institution.

University of Minnesota transcripts are not released if a student has financial or other obligations to the UofM or study abroad program.


Non-UofM students complete and sign the Transcript Request Form (TRF) as part of the program application process. The cost of the one copy of the official UofM transcript is included in the program fees. Students must sign the Transcript Request Form (TRF) by hand, as electronic signatures are not accepted on this form.

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