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Global Leaders Internship

The Global Leaders Internship is designed exclusively for learning abroad past participants to spread the word about international experiences. By participating in the Global Leaders Internship, you will not only contribute to the growth of international education but also further develop personally and professionally.


“The internship is an opportunity to be part of the study abroad community on campus, provides excellent professional development skills, and has helped me become more confident in articulating my study abroad experience and public speaking skills through the classroom visits.” 

“You meet a lot of amazing people; both students and faculty. It is a wonderful way to learn how to use your study abroad experience to your advantage in the workplace. In addition to that, you get to visit a lot of different classrooms on campus and get to know more students and faculty that way.”

“It’s a fun internship, and you’re well looked after by your supervisors. It felt like a group that you would go on a Study Abroad trip with, and I can say that most of the students in the internship felt the same way.”

Position Description

The position is for one semester and requires 20 service hours total during throughout the semester. Those hours include the following:

Professional Development Opportunities

Global Leader Interns will be provided a stipend for 20 hours, at $9.65 per hour, to be paid at the end of the semester. 


Apply Now!

The application cycle is now open for Spring 2019. Contact gl-coordinators@umn.edu with questions.