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We Want to Hear from You

Share your experience abroad by doing a virtual video interview. An interview takes about 30 minutes and will be conducted over Zoom. Meet with Ilya to set up a time to talk and share your photos.

What to Expect

Example interview questions: Where did you go? What did you study? What was your most memorable interaction? Did you learn the local language? What obstacles did you overcome? What have you learned about yourself? When are you going back?

Submit Your Photos

  • Send photos to Ilya via Google Drive
  • Sign a release and waiver granting us permission to use the photos on our website and in print

Photo Considerations

  • We can use only high-resolution photographs (3000px by 2000px or bigger).
  • Photos with diversity and cultural interest. Shots with different people in front of local landmarks are best.
  • Other photo ideas: you and your fellow students engaged in academics or doing hands-on work, local events, or with your homestay family.
  • Questions and submissions go to Ilya.

Interview Process for Video

  • Your video interview will be professionally edited with sound, photos, animation and closed captions. It will be posted on the LAC YouTube channel.

Learning Abroad Center Resources

Serve as a Contact for Future Participants

Prospective participants are always eager to ask questions and hear about the study abroad experience from a past participant’s perspective. Inquire with your program adviser if you are interested in serving as a contact that future study abroad participants can email with questions about your program.

Volunteer at Pre-Departure Orientation

Share your experiences with students as they prepare to go abroad. Contact your program adviser if you are interested in sharing your tips and advice at pre-departure orientation.