group of U of M Students in front of a windmill in Spain

Student Checklist

    Explore study abroad options.

    Complete a study abroad First-Step Session at the Learning Abroad Center or online to learn about options available to University of Minnesota students.

    Narrow Down Your Program Options

    Speak to a walk-in adviser at the Learning Abroad Center to discuss programs of interest to you.

    Explore Reasonable Accommodations

    After identifying one or more programs of specific interest, meet with your Disability Specialist to complete the Student Accommodation Request Form. You or your Disability Specialist should then contact the Learning Abroad Center (612.626.9000) to identify the appropriate Program Adviser to receive your completed Student Accommodation Request Form and will investigate site-specific accommodation possibilities.

    Decide on a Study Abroad Program

    Based on the information you receive from the Learning Abroad Center regarding accommodation possibilities for a particular program, apply to your selected program. For most programs, applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.

    Apply for Scholarships and Travel Grants

    Learning Abroad Center Scholarships are available for May term, summer, semester and year long programs.

    Confirm Your Program Accommodations

    Confirm with the Program Adviser in the Learning Abroad Center the accommodations that will be provided overseas. Consult with your Disability Resource Center Specialist and the Learning Abroad Center Program Adviser about any questions you may have regarding these accommodations and to identify the overseas site contact who will be informed of your on-site reasonable accommodations.

    Prepare for Departure

    Continue with pre-departure planning, after your requested accommodations are confirmed. Attend a program specific orientation session and complete required Learning Abroad Center acceptance materials. Read Student Experiences of students with disabilities who have studied abroad.

    To ensure accommodations are in place before departure, the Learning Abroad Center should receive your completed Student Accommodation Request Form at least 8 weeks before departure.