Learning Abroad Center

Study Abroad Scholarship


The Learning Abroad Center’s Study Abroad Scholarship provides awards for University of Minnesota undergraduate students participating in credit-bearing programs. This scholarship is intended to:

  • Assist students in easing the financial burden of studying abroad
  • Grant students equal access to an opportunity for financial assistance

The Study Abroad Scholarship has the broadest eligibility requirements of all our scholarships. This scholarship is not need or merit-based, and awards are granted on the strength of a student’s essay.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student on the Twin Cities or Rochester campuses at the time of application.
  • You must be participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program through the Learning Abroad Center or Carlson Global Institute (this includes CGI's self-designed international experience, IBUS 3999).
  • Nonaffiliated program or directed study are eligible only if you obtain the support and approval of your college.
  • Virtual internship programs and National Student Exchange programs (except NSE Canada) are not eligible.
  • You can only apply once per application cycle.  For example, a student participating in a winter break program and a spring semester program can apply for one of these terms but not both.
  • If participating in an Academic Year or Calendar Year program, you can only apply for Academic Year or Calendar Year scholarship awards. For example, for Academic Year programs, you cannot apply for both the Fall and Spring cycles, only the Academic Year cycle. 
  • You can apply for any or all of the Learning Abroad Center scholarships (Study Abroad, Diversity, and Financial Need) for which you are eligible. It is possible to be awarded both the Diversity and Financial Need scholarships. Students who receive the Diversity or Financial Need scholarships cannot also receive the Study Abroad scholarship. 
  • Students who receive the President's Emerging Scholars Fund the Gap Scholarship are not eligible for this award. 
  • Students can receive a maximum of 3 Learning Abroad Center scholarships (Study Abroad, Diversity, Financial Need) during their undergraduate career.
  • Students are eligible to utilize this scholarship for a program offered during a term immediately following their graduation.
  • Graduate students may complete an application and will only be considered for private donor scholarships for which they are eligible

Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • How thoroughly you answer the specific question outlined below
  • How well written your essay is, in terms of grammar, punctuation and organization

Note: we encourage you to avoid using Chat GPT or other automated language tools when writing essays. The scholarship essay scoring rubric favors applications with strong personal voice, perspectives and experiences. The use of general and cliche language, which is often found in ChatGPT/AI tools, will likely result in a lower score. We value your authentic thoughts and reflections as they contribute to a more meaningful and insightful application.

Essay Question

Reflect on how the program you chose relates to your academic, career, and/or personal goals. Why did you choose this particular program? Describe specific program features and elaborate on how these will help you meet one or more of your goals. (350 words maximum)

As you write your essay, consider the following:

  • “Academic” goals do not need to be related to your major; we are looking for you to describe how the program coursework, model, and/or features are relevant to your goals.
  • Regardless of what type of goals you are focusing on, explain how your goals enhance intellectual learning.

Deadlines & Award Amounts

Apply before for the deadline of the term abroad, found on the Dates section of the program page. Contact Nathan Jacobson if you have questions.

The application for your term abroad will become available after the current deadline has passed. For example, if you are studying abroad in spring, you cannot apply until after the deadline for fall programs.

Term AbroadAmountApplication AvailableDeadline DateNotification Date
Winter break 2025
Winter break 2025 (fall 2024 on-campus course)
Winter break 2025 (spring 2025 on-campus course)
$1,000Application not yet openmid-October 2024mid-November 2024
Spring break 2025$1,000Application not yet openmid-October 2024mid-November 2024
Spring semester 2025$2,000Application not yet openmid-October 2024mid-November 2024
Calendar year (spring 2025 - fall 2025)$4,000Application not yet openmid-October 2024mid-November 2024
May session 2025
May session 2025 (spring 2025 on-campus course)
$1,000Application not yet openmid-February 2025Late March 2025
Summer session 2025$1,500Application not yet openmid-February 2025Late March 2025
Fall semester 2025$2,000Application not yet openEarly April 2025mid-May 2025
Academic year (fall 2025- spring 2026)$4,000Application not yet openEarly April 2025mid-May 2025

Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on the deadline date. Scholarship notification emails will be sent to all applicants' UMN email accounts 4-6 weeks after the deadline.

Submit your application:

Applications are not currently being accepted for this scholarship.  The next application round (Winter break 2025, Spring break 2025, Spring semester 2025, and Calendar year 2025) will open in late May 2024.