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Diversity Study Abroad Scholarship


The Learning Abroad Center’s Diversity Study Abroad Scholarship provides awards for University of Minnesota undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds and identities. This scholarship is intended to:

For the purpose of this scholarship, diversity may include (but is not limited to) cultural, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, first generation college students, military, ethnic or racial identities that contribute to the diversity of the student body. This scholarship is not need or merit based, and awards are granted on the strength of a student’s essay.

Eligibility Requirements


Essays will be evaluated based on:

Essay Questions

Essay Question #1

What motivated you to select your particular study abroad program? Address any academic, career, and/or personal goals that were part of your decision, and expand on one or more of them.* (350 words maximum)

Essay Question #2

Students with diverse backgrounds and identities often have a different undergraduate experience than the wider student body. How has your identity influenced your decision to learn abroad? How do you anticipate your experiences, including barriers you’re working to overcome, will impact and prepare you for your learning abroad program? (350 words maximum)

Deadlines & Award Amounts

Apply for the deadline based on the Education Abroad Term found on the Apply section of your Program page. Contact Kelley Redmond if you are unsure of your program term or have any questions. 

TermAmountDeadline DateNotification Date

Fall Semester 2019

$2,500 April 10, 2019 By May 15, 2019
Academic Year 2019–20 $4,000 April 10, 2019 By May 15, 2019

Winter Break 2019-20
Winter Break 2019-20 (Fall 2019 on-campus course)
Winter Break 2019-20 (Spring 2020 on-campus course)

$1,000 October 9, 2019 By November 20, 2019

Spring Semester 2020

$2,000 October 9, 2019 By November 20, 2019

Calendar Year Spring 2020-Fall 2020

$4,000 October 9, 2019 By November 20, 2019

Spring Break 2020

$1,000 February 19, 2020 By April 1, 2020

May Session 2020
May Session 2020 (Spring 2020 on-campus course)

$1,000 February 19, 2020 By April 1, 2020

Summer 2020

$1,500 February 19, 2020 By April 1, 2020

The number and amount of awards may vary depending on the pool of applicants and the funding available. Additional programs may become eligible for scholarships after the posting of this information.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the deadline date. Scholarship notification emails will be sent to all applicants' UofM email accounts 4–6 weeks after the deadline.

The application for your term abroad will become available after the current deadline has passed. (For example, if you are studying abroad in Fall, you cannot apply until after the May/Summer scholarship deadline). 

Submit Your Application

  1. Check the scholarship deadlines for the term you will be studying abroad.
  2. Begin filling out your scholarship application and essay and submit via the Learning Abroad Center Online Scholarship Portal. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the application deadline date, no exceptions. 
    • Once in the portal you have to 'SIGNUP' for an account every time you start an application for a different scholarship. Use the 'LOGIN' to access an application you have already started.
    • Paper, faxed, or emailed applications will not be accepted