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Accessibility: University of Bergen

The program requires sitting, standing, and moving across uneven terrain both in urban and rural areas. The program operates Monday through Friday and may include weekend activities.

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We are happy to assist students with documented reasonable accommodation needs through an interactive, case-by-case process involving the student, Learning Abroad Center, on-site staff, home school (when applicable), and the Disability Resource Center.

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In January 2009 Norway passed an anti-discrimination law that affects all facets of society. The University of Bergen has had very few international students with disabilities, but has had positive experiences with students using wheelchairs and a blind student. Students with disabilities must inform the university well in advance of the accommodations the student needs, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Classroom/Internship Site

The number of hours students spend in class varies from course to course. Students are expected to learn course material through lectures, seminars, oral presentations and written assignments completed on computers. Academic accommodations available are recorded lectures, separate room to take exams, extra time to complete exams and service dogs are allowed in the classroom.  

Excursions and Field Trips

Students must inform the university well in advance of their disability and the accommodations necessary for excursions and field trips.

Housing and Food Services

The Student Welfare Organization (SiB) offers housing for students. There are 15 flats that are fully accessible to students with disabilities. However there is no guarantee that these flats will be available. The university cannot assist with housing in the private market. However there is a service available to help students with disabilities find housing. Service dogs are allowed in housing with documentation. Kitchen facilities and/or dining facilities


Norwegian students with documentation of special needs are able to receive technical support covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (Folketrygden). International students staying in Norway for 3-12 months can apply for membership (a small fee is charged). International students staying for more than one year automatically become members after they receive their residence permit.

Computer labs are available and wheelchair accessible.

Library Services

Students have access to library facilities, assistance is available and the facilities are wheelchair accessible.


Students who are staying in Norway for one year can apply for a Norwegian ID number and can therefore apply for paid transport from where he/she lives to the university.