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The UK’s attitude toward disability issues is still generally open and accepting, and there are federal laws to facilitate access. A large portion of buildings, however, are not accessible due to the fact they are much older and protected from alterations by the National Heritage or English Heritage laws. At CAPA there are efforts being made to improve campus access for students.

Classroom/Internship Site

Many of the classrooms are wheelchair accessible. In most cases classrooms can be moved. Scribes and assistive technology for voiced input may be possible for a charge. About 40 per cent of the internship work sites are wheelchair accessible.

Service dogs are allowed in the classrooms. Course materials are available in alternative formats. There is no Braille signage for buildings, elevators and classrooms.

Sign language interpreters using British Sign Language or the rare American Sign Language interpreters can possibly be arranged for the classrooms, internship sites and sponsored events depending on the cost. Induction loops are sometimes available, but captioned videos are not.

Test accommodations are provided and lectures can be tape recorded. It is possible to obtain the syllabus in advance, modify deadlines for assignments, and calculators are allowed for test taking. Notetakers are sometimes available.

Excursions and Field Trips

Sign language interpreters and mobility assistance may be provided depending on costs and availability. Accessibility at the site depends on the destination.

Housing and Food Services

Wheelchair accessible housing may be available. Laundry facilities are also available. There are kitchen facilities for personal use and refrigeration for prescribed medicines. Also with prior notice, host families could assist a deaf or visually impaired student. Personal assistants for living requirements may be arranged depending on costs.


There is an extra charge to use computer labs. Currently, the computer lab is unaccessible but with prior notice an arrangement could be made for use. Adaptive technology that can be arranged include a scanner, Braille printer, text magnification software, large screen for reading magnified print, CCTV, speech output software, voice recognition system, cassette tape recorder, Braille note taking device, and adaptive keyboards/trackball. Most of the equipment will have to be rented or purchased, so prior notice of need is important.

Library Services

The local library is a 15-minute walk from the CAPA office and the nearly completed handicap accessible facility. The local library is also wheelchair-accessible. There is assistance for consulting the card catalogues and taking books off the shelves. There are no private rooms available.


Transportation is limited in accessibility. Mobility Buses only run a few days a week. Black cabs are helpful but expensive. Day to day transportation will primarily be on foot or by cab. Students generally travel 10-15 minutes between housing/classroom/public transport. All accommodations in London are self-catering (students cook their own meals), and local supermarkets are within 10-15 minutes away.