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There are not many people or students with disabilities who participate in daily activities in Beijing. Students with disabilities often attend separate schools. However, awareness for making facilities accessible to those with disabilities is slowly increasing.


Students attend intensive Chinese language classes for about 4 hours/day, with a minimum of 2 hours/day and a maximum of 6 hours/day. Class size ranges from 1 student to 15 students, and is typically 6 to 8 students. Classes are usually 50 minutes long, and there is a 10-minute break in between back-to-back classes. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 1 hour of homework for every hour in class. A low-distraction test environment, extra time on exams and assignments, computer-based exams, and audio recordings of lectures are available for students with documented need.

Classes are held on upper floors of a classroom building on campus. There is elevator access to most floors. The classroom building is about a .5 km walk from the dormitory building. Both of these buildings are directly accessible from the street—there are no steps to the entrance. Other campus buildings do have a few shallow steps leading up to the entrance.

Excursions and Field Trips

After class and on weekends, there are mandatory academic activities and optional trips to nearby sites and other cities. Excursions may involve urban walking, rural hiking, and/or going up and down stairs. Excused absences are available for students with documented need.

Housing and Food Services

Students share double occupancy dormitory rooms with a local university student of the same gender. Each dormitory room includes a private bathroom. Single rooms or alternative rooming arrangements may be available for gender non-conforming students or students with other documented need. The dormitory includes one shared kitchen that students may use. The shared kitchen is accessible by stairs and elevator.


Wireless access is provided for students who bring their own computers. Audio recordings of lectures are available, and audio files may be available with readings and texts. Assistive technology such a Braille printer, screen magnification software, and Kuzweil 3000, is not available.

Library Services

There is a library on campus about a 5 minute walk from the dorm. Assistance could be available to help access library materials. There are small, quiet study spaces at the library.


Beijing has a widely developed public transportation network. Most students ride the subway. Some Beijing subways stops offer elevator and escalator access, but some do not, and buses rarely provide wheelchair accessibility. Sidewalks are usually uneven and crowded. Typically only major street intersections provide curb cuts and light/sound signals. Traffic tends to be unruly.

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