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Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity

Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity 

Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity (STAO) allows faculty and instructors to teach one three-credit course on an established Learning Abroad Center summer program. STAO instructors develop a course that fits well with the focus of the program and complements the other course offerings. The instructors work at a study abroad center with local faculty who teach the other course. The instructor teaches for the duration of the program, usually six weeks. Experiential learning should be a component of the course design, although not as much as some courses taught abroad because students will also need to attend other classes.

Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity serves the University of Minnesota students and academic departments in the following ways:

For students:

For academic departments:





Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity courses typically consist of:

Instructors attend the program orientation prior to departure and on site and work closely with the academic director at the host center. 

Program Leader Experience

The Learning Abroad Center facilitates all on-campus and on-site arrangements, including academic and cultural advising for students; financial aid advising; marketing and recruitment; design and production of all printed materials; application and registration processing; pre-departure orientations; travel; room and board; classrooms and other necessary instructional support; and other related activities.

Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity leaders are actively involved in the development of the course and recruitment for the program. If target enrollments are not met, the course will not run. Once on site, instructors attend all course-related activities.

Program leaders are to attend the University required Health & Safety Leader Training facilitated by GPS Alliance's International Health, Safety, & Compliance office. Additionally, leaders will be invited and encouraged to attend the LAC's Excellence in Leading Learning Abroad Series. Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity leaders will receive the same level of LAC training and support as all LAC Seminar Series program leaders.

Proposal & Review Process

Deadline: February 1 of the year before the course will run

Learn more about the Proposal & Review Process

Proposal and Review Process


For this program type, there may be additional opportunities to propose a program outside of the normal LAC Seminar Series process and timeline. Contact Lindsey Lahr, Summer Teach Abroad Opportunity Program Director.