Learning Abroad Center

Policies & Procedures

Important Policies

Policies of the University of Minnesota and the Learning Abroad Center exist primarily for the protection and safety of Learning Abroad Center study abroad participants. The Learning Abroad Center expects you to read, understand, and adhere to the University of Minnesota and Learning Abroad Center policies, guidelines, and contractual documents. These include academic policies, finance and cancellation policies, health and safety policies, and student rights and responsibilities: umabroad.umn.edu/students/policies.

Code of Conduct

While abroad, you are required to act in accordance with the University of Minnesota Student Code of Conduct, as well as the Learning Abroad Center Education Abroad Rules of Conduct.


The Learning Abroad Center will bill your student account for the program on the UofM's Spring Billing & Due Dates.

Financial Aid & Pre-Departure Checklists

Look over your pre-departure checklist to ensure you are prepared to depart. If you are planning to use financial aid, follow these steps, if you haven't already.

Course Registration

You must be registered for your Freshman Seminar Abroad course via your Myu.umn.edu portal Registration, in addition to being confirmed through the Learning Abroad Center. You cannot participate in the abroad portion of a Freshman Seminar Abroad without being enrolled and participating in the on-campus portion. Additionally, you can not participate in the on-campus portion of the course without completing the abroad portion of the course. Each component is critical to the full course and an Incomplete will be given if both components are not completed.

Books & Materials

Required books and materials for the Freshman Seminar Abroad course are listed on the course entry in your Myu.umn.edu portal Registration. The program leader will contact you about any other books and reading materials that may be used while abroad. While abroad you will need a notebook and pens/pencils. It is best to purchase these before you leave so you have them for the first day onsite.


Since Freshman Seminars Abroad are abroad for a relatively short period of time, the pace of the programs are quick. For these reasons, visitors such as family and friends are prohibited. Visits interfere with your ability to focus on the program's content and country's host culture. Visitors, or anyone not officially enrolled in the program, are not allowed to stay with you in your official program housing.