Learning Abroad Center

Freshman Health & Safety Information

Health & Safety

The University of Minnesota considers the health and safety of students on education abroad opportunities one of its top priorities. You are expected to read through the information on all of the webpages under the Health & Safety section of the Learning Abroad Center website.

Read this information well in advance of your time abroad so you can ask questions to the LAC should you require clarification. 

Contact Information

LAC Main Number612.626.9000 
LAC Emergency Number:  612.301.CALL (2255)

Emergency Contact Info: The LAC utilizes a call service for our 24/7 monitoring of emergency calls. This service will then contact the program team, our health & safety director (Kevin Dostal Dauer), or put you in direct contact with your LAC program contacts. The number is: 612.301.CALL (2255). This emergency number is also on the outgoing voicemail of the LAC main line and the old emergency phone. Your program leader also has this information.

Your program contact will be available via email throughout your time abroad:

Emergency Procedures (Cards, CISI, Cell Phones)

Upon arrival, you will be given a wallet-sized emergency contact card to carry with you. This will have information on how to contact the on-site staff, the program leader, and the international insurance provider.

All students are required to carry a cell phone with a local number for use in an emergency. Cell phones or SIM cards may be provided and will have a local number for the host country. If a cell phone or SIM cards is not provided, onsite staff will assist in students purchasing a local SIM card or phone and this is accounted for on the Cost of Participation. On-site staff will contact you on your cell phone and you will utilize your phone to contact on-site staff and/or emergency services.

In a life-threatening emergency, please seek immediate emergency care; otherwise, please contact on-site staff for assistance and recommendations. On-site staff are trained and have resources available to respond to all types of emergencies including, but not limited to, civil disturbance, natural disaster, illness or injury, hospitalization, robbery or pickpocketing, sexual assault/harassment, hate crimes, and mental health.

The Learning Abroad Center will utilize on-site resources as well as insurance and security resources, including CISI. See more details above on insurance.

 CISI Int'l Insurance

  • Call collect from outside the U.S.: 1-609-986-1234
  • Toll-free, 24/7 assistance number in the U.S: 1-800-872-1414
  • Email: [email protected]
  • University of Minnesota Group ID number: 01-AA-CIS-01133
  • University of Minnesota Policy number: Policy # STB009998602

For more information, visit: umabroad.umn.edu/students/healthsafety/emergency

Power of Attorney

We encourage you to consider designating someone as your Power of Attorney while you are abroad. Your Power of Attorney can act as your legal representative in a number of situations, including banking and tax issues. For more information, review the information at UMabroad.umn.edu/students/policies/finances/powerofattorney

Liability Insurance

Regardless of your housing arrangement, you should consider your insurance coverage and needs. Does your renter's or homeowner’s insurance cover your items if they are lost or stolen abroad? You may also wish to buy additional insurance in case you accidentally damage your accommodations, since any damages will be yours to pay.

For more information on travel resources, visit: https://global.umn.edu/travel/resources/