Buying a Plane Ticket

Buying a Plane Ticket

Tips for buying a plane ticket

Before buying a ticket, make sure to check out details that your program gives you about booking a flight.  For some programs, such as Global Seminars and Freshman Seminars, the flight is included in the program price and booked for you. 


Online Search Engines

Travel Agents and Online Search Engines

General Tips

Recommended Travel Agencies

Village Travel Service Inc.

STA Travel's Book Now, Pay Later program allows you to pay a small deposit for your airfare upfront and the remaining balance closer to the time of departure.

Online Travel Search Engines

Although somewhat less predictable than using a travel agent, booking online may save travelers a considerable amount of money. Online agencies may offer less customer support than the personal service given by a travel agent, so remember to read the fine print.

Check out these sites: A great site that searches multiple airlines and other search engines consecutively. It’s a good place to start to compare, and you can even get price alerts to monitor fares. Consistently good prices for certain European destinations