Learning Abroad Center

Packing List


1. Suitcase with Luggage Tag

2. Carry-on Luggage (Small suitcase OR a backpack OR tote bag)

3. Personal item (purse or laptop bag or briefcase)

What to Pack

Pack using a checklist so you ensure you bring all the necessities for your experience abroad. Keep in mind that you will likely purchase additional items and souvenirs while abroad. Leave extra space in your luggage or bring an extra bag. Remember, many basic items can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. For some items, such as toiletries, it may make more sense to bring a small amount and purchase more locally as needed.

Eagle Creek, a leader in travel products, provides packing checklists for several types of travel. Download this packing information (pdf) as you consider types of luggage and what to pack.

Documents and IDs

Money Matters

For more details on financing your learning abroad experience, visit our Money Considerations webpage.