Learning Abroad Resources for Students Exploring Majors

Learning Abroad Resources for Students Exploring Majors

The Learning Abroad Center in 230 Heller Hall (map) is the University of Minnesota’s comprehensive resource for study, service-learning, work, intern, volunteer, and travel experiences worldwide. A variety of program options—more than 250 programs in 70 countries—have been developed to address the diverse needs of students.

Students who are in the process of exploring majors can still go abroad with careful planning. The University wants you to include an international experience as an integral part of your undergraduate career. Learning abroad can fit very effectively into your University of Minnesota degree plan without delaying your graduation. 

Programs vary in length, academic focus, teaching format, language requirements, cost, and degree of independence demanded of the participant. 

Learning Abroad Process

This is the basic Learning Abroad Process you'll complete. The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible, however we recommend starting as early as possible. Applying for or renewing your passport may take a significant period of time, so start the process early.

Academic Considerations

Time your learning abroad opportunity so it works in your schedule and any majors you may be considering. Students and their current advisers must carefully evaluate and plan course sequencing into any study abroad experience. If you are thinking about transferring from one college to another, you must meet the admissions requirements of the college you wish to attend. There may be specific requirements for particular majors within each college. Be sure to check with the appropriate advising office.

Major Advising Pages (MAPs)

Academic departments and the Learning Abroad Center collaborated to create Major Advising Pages to identify appropriate international opportunities for your intended major. They help identify appropriate timing, course selection, and other considerations. If you are strongly leaning toward a particular major, check out the MAP for that program.

Liberal Education Requirements

Fulfill Language Requirements

If you are planning to transfer into a CLA major, consult with a current adviser about the second language requirement


Additional Options to Consider

Global Seminars

  • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over Winter Break or May Session.
  • Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.
  • Explore an exciting location and topic. Check out this year's offerings.

Freshman Seminars

  • Freshman Seminars Abroad combine on-campus instruction during spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break.
  • Seminars are 3 credits at the 19xx level and most fulfill a liberal education requirement.
  • Seminars are designed specifically for first year students as an introduction to study abroad.

Intensive Language Programs

  • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor
  • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester long program.

Non-Credit Opportunities

  • Non-credit opportunities can be a great option for students who do not need academic credit but want to gain skills and experience abroad related to their field of study.

Student Experiences

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on other students' experiences studying abroad.