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Learning Abroad in Apparel Design

“What you bring back from a study abroad experience, in addition to great memories, is a new and richer perspective of the world and yourself.”

Elizabeth Bye, Apparel Design Faculty

Department Recommendations 

Prospective Apparel Design Students

  • Apparel design courses abroad may not meet apparel design course requirements at the University of Minnesota. Your academic adviser will work with the apparel design faculty to help you try to obtain approval once you are admitted to the program.

Best Times to go Abroad

  • The most convenient fit for study abroad is junior year first semester
  • Any January, May, or Summer Term

If you would like to show work completed abroad in the annual fashion show, contact the program director by December 1st if you are studying abroad junior year first semester.

Fulfill Requirements

Be sure to meet with your academic adviser to fill out an Academic Planning Form.

Liberal Education

  • Search the U Credit Abroad Search to select from more than 2,000 study abroad courses that have already been pre-approved for liberal education requirements. You may also submit any liberal education course not yet evaluated for approval online.

Core Major Courses

  • Your academic adviser will be able to approve the courses prior to departure. Meet with them to fill out an Academic Planning Form.


  • Credit-based internships abroad will fill the apparel design internship requirement. Check with your academic adviser for more information.

College of Design Study Abroad Programs

The College of Design offers a variety of learning abroad opportunities.

    Upon Return from Study Abroad

    • Meet with your academic adviser to discuss the study abroad return process and to go over re-entry resources to help you make your learning abroad experience a meaningful component of your academic and career pathway.


    Asia and Oceania


    Study & Intern in Sydney

    • This program is available each semester and summer term
    • Students complete a 6-credit internship, which allows them to integrate with Australians, experience the local culture first-hand, and gain professional skills
    • Students to focus on job training, career networking, and resume building in an international setting

    University of Technology, Sydney (available through IFSA Australia)

    • Offered each fall and spring semester, academic year, and calendar year
    • Students may choose from courses throughout the university, including those in fashion and textile design and related technologies, computing and design, marketing, management and business studies, drawing, illustration, and design research



    Capturing Greece: Color, Light, & Form

    • May Term 2024, Athens & Greek Islands, Greece; open to all students
    • Immerse yourself in Greece’s unique cultural environment to expand your vision and creativity. Travel to Athens and Tinos to observe and experience water, stone, and structure in a fresh way
    • You will explore ancient architectural forms, uniquely evolved historic villages, and references to mythological and symbolic imagery
    • This program is led by Frances (Fancy) Trice is the Graphic Design Program Director in the College of Design, and is approved for the Arts & Humanities Liberal Education Core 
    • Consult with your academic adviser to see if this program will meet major or minor degree requirements


    Design in Sicily

    • The Design in Sicily is a 7-week program offered in Siracusa, Italy during Summer Session. A College of Design instructor accompanies the program and teaches a 3-credit studio course open to all students. Earn 6-7 credits as you make Sicily your classroom. Consult with your academic adviser to see if this program will meet major or minor degree requirements
    • Engage in the design process with local and international designers through coursework and a collaborative practicum
    • Create visual projects in response to your Italian experience, honing your own sensibilities as a designer in the rich visual culture of Italy
    • Engage with the theme of how meaning is created through both the still and the moving image, and you will engage in hands-on explorations through a variety of forms of visual representation including drawing from observation and imagination, illustration, photography, video, and collage

    IES Milan

    • Offered each fall semester and spring semester
    • Italian Design: Theory and Practice track focusing on global trends in business, design, tailoring, fabrics and materials, modeling, and marketing
    • Italian design will be presented through the life and work of the greatest designers and the most innovative Italian companies. During the course, field trips will be organized into the most famous Milanese design locations, such as the Triennale di Milano, Museo Achille Castiglioni and Design Week (in spring semester)
    • No language prerequisite

    United Kingdom, England

    Study & Intern in London

    • Offered each fall semester, spring semester, and summer
    • 3- & 6-credit internships are available during the fall and spring, and 3-credit internships during the summer
    • Past design placements include Ralph Lauren, French Connection Retail Group, Oakville Limited, Pringle Scotland, Wahl Fashion and Vivienne Westwood Studio

    Central St. Martins, University of the Arts London (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

    • Offered each semester and academic year
    • Students must submit a portfolio for the subject area they wish to study

    London College of Fashion (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

    • Offered each fall and spring semester
    • Within your selected track, you will take a few mandatory classes and choose from a wide range of electives to complete your course load, for a total of 13-16 credits
    • Classes at LCF focus on Fashion and Fashion Merchandising

    University of Westminster, London (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

    • Offered each fall and spring semester, academic year, and summer
    • Students may choose from courses throughout the university, including those in fashion design major, students can take contextual studies in fashion and art history, textile technology, fabric development and sample making, and CAD classes

    United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

    Ulster University (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

    • Offered each fall semester, spring semester, and academic year
    • Students may choose from courses throughout the university, including those in textiles and fashion design, history of design, formal design theory, fabrics, garments, and accessories

    Additional Options to Consider

    LAC Global Seminars

    • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over winter break or May session.
    • Explore an exciting location and topic, Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.

    LAC Freshman Seminars

    • Combine on-campus instruction during the spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break, on a 3 credits, 1xxx level Seminar.
    • Freshman Seminars Abroad are designed specifically for first-year students as an introduction to study abroad, an opportunity to explore an exciting location and topic, and likely fulfill a liberal education requirement.

    Additional LAC Seminars

    • Check out additional LAC Instructor-led Seminars that might run over winter break, spring break, May, and summer sessions. They vary in length, dates, and content so students can find one that best fits their academic and professional goals.

    Intensive Language Programs

    • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor.
    • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester-long program.