Learning Abroad Center

Nivedita in Italy

Recipient of the Joshua and James Haglund Memorial Peace Scholarship

“Florence has stolen my heart.”

Tell Us About Your Program

My study abroad experience in Florence has allowed me to gain extremely valuable knowledge about culture, globalization and the importance of a well rounded education. I have been fortunate to have terrific professors who are helping me understand the importance of Italian culture and how it relates to my area of study, advertising.

How Were You Affected by the People and Culture?

The Florentine people have welcomed me into their lives and taught me about different lifestyles and their culture. Florence has inspired me to become a very different person than what I had set out to be.

What Did You Learn from Your Experience?

I am learning lessons not only about my field of interest, but also about the world, the European way of life and how to become a better human being. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity!