Learning Abroad Center

Reid in Thailand

Recipient of the Joshua and James Haglund Memorial Peace Scholarship

 “MSID Thailand was an amazing experience that I will cherish and remember forever. I want to thank the Haglund family for their generosity and willingness to help me on this journey.” ⏤Reid

How Were You Affected by the People and Culture?

What I set out to accomplish this year was to listen to the soft spoken and hear the abundance of stories that get overlooked by foreigners. My semester in northern Thailand opened my eyes to the power of relationships. The power of local connections. The power of respect.

What Did You Learn from Your Experience?

Sometimes when you pull up the rock you discover things you wish you hadn’t seen, sights that make you question what is good and what is bad. This world is full of wonders, but underneath all that beauty lies the honest truth. That is exactly what I got.

Ultimately, I learned that in all the chaos in the world there will always be peace, a moment of Jai Yen. A moment of silence. A moment of bliss. These moments have been with me throughout my entire study abroad experience.