Learning Abroad Center

Credit Arrangements

Credit Approval

Any degree requirement fulfillment is arranged for by the student's academic department. The student's department, in consultation with the Graduate School, will determine what kind of verification you must provide regarding your academic work abroad. If you need to remain in status as a University of Minnesota student while abroad (for loans, financial aid, etc.) your academic department may allow you to register placeholder credits. Your department will instruct you regarding the credits for which you are to register. Consultation with the Office of Student Finance is also encouraged at this stage to insure you are registered for enough credits for aid purposes.

Potential Credit options:

  • Grad999 - a zero credit placeholder course
  • 8444 - 1-credit FTE registration for doctoral candidates
  • 8333 - 1-credit FTE registration for masters students
  • 5993 - directed studies credit for the number of credits you need

Posting Credit

Credits accumulated during your time abroad may not be posted to your University of Minnesota transcript, depending on the type of program and your specific student standing. Your academic department will guide you in how to file your degree paperwork with the Graduate School that will include verification of the coursework completed overseas.