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    Each year the Learning Abroad Center administers over $500,000 in study abroad scholarships for UofM students. These scholarships often play a big role in easing the financial impact of studying abroad. Administration of these important scholarships is achievable because of the fantastic faculty and staff from across the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities campus who give their time to be Learning Abroad Center Scholarship Reviewers. Thank you for considering giving your time to this important scholarship review process.

    What Is My Commitment as a Scholarship Reviewer? 

    • Read 15–20 two-page essays/applications or 40–50 one-page essays/applications.
    • Give each essay a numeric score using a simple rubric for guidance
    • Most reviewers spend 2-3 hours total reading and scoring essays 
    • The entire process is online.  You do not need to be on campus during the time of review.
    • Following the scholarship deadline, the Learning Abroad Center will send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to access and score your assigned essays via the LAC's Online Scholarship Portal.

    Upcoming Reviewer Opportunities

    Financial Need Early Planning Scholarship

    Read more about this scholarship

    Essays assigned to readers: February 10, 2021
    Individual reviewer scores due: February 24, 2021

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    Study Abroad Scholarship or Diversity Scholarship

    Read more about the Study Abroad Scholarship or the Diversity Study Abroad Scholarship

    Essays assigned to reviewers: March 1, 2021
    Individual reviewer scores due: March 15, 2021

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    Email Kelley Redmond if you have problems with Google Forms or have questions about the process. 

    Past Scholarship Reviewers

    The Learning Abroad Center would like to say thank you to our outstanding colleagues from across the University of Minnesota for volunteering their time and expertise to participate as study abroad scholarship reviewers. Study abroad scholarships have the ability to enable our students to participate in learning abroad experiences that can have a life changing impact on their academic, career, and personal goals. The support of the following individuals has made it possible for us to award these scholarships to deserving students over the 2019-20 academic year:

    *For those who reviewed more than once for 2019-20 academic year scholarships, the number of times they reviewed is noted in paratheses

    Carlson School of Management

    Jontue Austin (2) 
    Molly Bendzick
    Kathy Evenson-McDermott
    Ablavi Handziak 
    Maxine Kobinski 
    Katie Kocourek
    Wesley Notestine

    Center for Health Interprofessional Programs 

    Tamnnet Kidanu 

    College of Biological Sciences

    Mary Shannon Bocock 

    College of Continuing and Professional Studies

    Alissa Bigelow (4)
    Constance Hessburg-Odland (5) 
    Jessica Haensch 
    Karen Moon
    Jeff Olsen Krengel  

    College of Design

    Kaitlyn Bock (3) 

    College of Education & Human Development

    Sheri Beck 
    Kathleen Corley
    Sarah Dohm 
    Paul Edwards (2) 
    Michael Guest 
    Ryan Hanson
    Drew Hatton
    Jeremy Hernandez
    Daniel Koza 
    George Laskaris 
    Michelle McElroy 
    Colin Rogness 
    Ellen Sunshine (2) 
    Ah Vang-Lo 
    Mai Xiong (3) 

    College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences

    Jennifer Adrian (3) 
    Mai Lee 
    Tracene Marshall 
    Grant McCormack (2) 
    E Oropeza 
    Michelle Overtoom 
    Robin Perez 
    Jim Perry
    Megan Schmidt 
    Tommy Van Norman (3) 

    College of Liberal Arts

    Laila Agily 
    Molly Bancroft 
    Kate Casey
    Tien Chieu 
    Kersten Falvey (2) 
    Cindy Garcia 
    Emily Gasperlin
    Judy Grandbois (3)
    Korrina Griffith (3) 
    Melissa Grosso (3)
    Claudia Hasegawa (2) 
    Claire Hilgeman 
    Rodrigue Lauture
    Christine Mollen (2) 
    Becky Mooney 
    Sonali Pahwa 
    Paula Pentel (2) 
    Millie Reid Rivera 
    Jake Rudy (2) 
    Erica Tealey 
    Amelious Whyte (3)
    Maryanne Williams Smoczyk (2) 
    Angus Wong (2) 
    Delia Woodward 
    Christopher Xaphakdy (3) 

    College of Science & Engineering

    Angela Froistad 
    Melissa Haroza 
    Josie Kahlenbeck (2) 
    Kari Mellerup (4) 
    Layla Nereson 
    Erin Piper (3)
    Ann Rausch 
    Claire Schmidt 
    Kimberly Scott


    Ann Nordby 

    Global Programs & Strategy Alliance

    Sarah Allis (2)
    Christine Anderson (2)
    Jill Fischer
    Jackie Gmiterko (3) 
    Kim Hindbjorgen (2) 
    Jodi Isham (2) 
    Kate Johnson 
    Abby Koshollek (2) 
    Antonia Lortis 
    Ryan McCarthy
    Matt McGilvray 
    Ashley Metz
    Molly Micheels 
    Jill Reister 
    Corey Schultz (2) 
    Nancy Vang 

    Health Sciences

    Brigette Gay (2) 
    Abbe Holmgren
    Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz
    Jenna Lohnes
    Mallory Patrow (4) 
    Rachel Rudeen 
    Mallory Schweim

    Humphrey School of Public Affairs

    Simone Gbolo (3)

    Institute on the Environment

    Megan Voorhees

    Office for Equity & Diversity

    Jessica Cameron

    Office for Student Affairs

    Laura Knudson 
    Anna Lifson
    Paula Leahy-Schmidt (3) 
    Jane Sitter 
    Joy Stephansen
    Laura Wiesner (2) 

    Office of Undergraduate Education

    Lauren Lanigan
    Crystal Lee (3)  
    Mary Moga 
    Maytham Somji