group of U of M Students in front of a windmill in Spain

LGBTQIA Students Abroad

    Things to Consider

    There are many different factors for all students to think about when choosing a study abroad program. All students are encouraged to think seriously about program selection to ensure that academic and personal goals are met and to have a positive experience abroad. Below are some potential special issues for LGBTQIA individuals.

    LGBTQIA individuals can find resources and support for selecting a learning abroad experience that fits within academic, career, and personal plans.


    Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life

    The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life at the University of Minnesota has resources, programs, advising, scholarship information and more.  

    Learning Abroad Resource Center

    Visit the Resource Center to browse special resources for the LGBTQIA community and allies. We have guides geared towards LGBTQIA travel in our travel library, binders on gender abroad, bibliographies, and articles that specifically address considerations for LGBTQIA identities.

    This online module gives an overview of the things LGBTQIA students should consider in relation to studying abroad.

    Learning Abroad LGBTQIA Network

    The Learning Abroad LGBTQIA Network is a group of students, both past and future, who are interested in international LGBTQIA issues and experiences.

    NAFSA's Rainbow Special Interest Group

    This comprehensive website is run by a special interest group of the national professional association for international education, NAFSA. Read about things to consider, special scholarships, and firsthand accounts from LGBTQIA individuals who have studied abroad.