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Study Abroad Statistics for Underrepresented Students

An increasing number of students of color are incorporating study abroad into their degree programs. The University of Minnesota's enrollment data reports include data on the participation rates of students of color in education abroad.  

The Open Doors report includes national data on study abroad participation among students of color.  Search under Data Tables for information on US students studying abroad.

University of Minnesota Research & Publications

The Multicultural Study Abroad Group (MSAG) website includes a number of resources including research, publications, activities and presentations by the Multicultural Study Abroad Group (MSAG) membership.

Doan, T. (2002).  Asian American Students: Study Abroad Participation, Perspectives and Experiences. University of Minnesota.  Unpublished Master's Thesis.

Tsantir, S. R. & Titus, B.J  (2006). Heritage-Seeking and Study Abroad: A Case Study.  IIE Networker, Fall 2006, p. 27-29.

Other Research & Publications

Access International Education provides resources to researchers interested underrepresentation in international education.

Research on Underrepresentation in Education Abroad: An Annotated Bibliography  by David Comp is the most comprehensive bibliography of research on underrepresentation in study abroad.  Comp has also compiled a bibliography on heritage seeking in study abroad.

The MSAG Bibliography includes academic research, journal articles and other publications for students and scholars interested in supporting the participation of students of color in education abroad.