Learning Abroad Center

FIPSE Project Overview

This project sought to increase access to study abroad programs for undergraduates enrolled in professional and technical degree programs. Project staff identified major course work and liberal education opportunities in existing Learning Abroad Center and affiliated study abroad programs and developed advising materials and processes to support student participation. Project participants considered new study abroad program development in the context of existing resources with an eye toward program diversity (type, length, destination). Doing so allowed students in the targeted fields to integrate study abroad more fully into their minor and major programs.

FIPSE Final Report, 2003–2004

Summary of Activities

Each University of Minnesota (UofM) college involved in this project participated in a series of activities, roughly labeled Stages I, II and III.

  2000–2001 2001–2002 2002–2003
Carlson School of Management
Partnering with University of WI-Madison
Stage I Stage II Stage III
College of Human Ecology
Partnering with Purdue University
Stage II Stage III  
Institute of Technology
Partnering with Northwestern University
Stage II Stage III  
School of Nursing
Partnering with University of WI-Madison
Stage I Stage II Stage III

Activities included:

  • meetings with faculty and students to determine barriers and attitudes (I)
  • identification and approval of study abroad programs that fit into specific degree programs (I-II)
  • faculty travel abroad to evaluate programs (III)
  • development of advising materials and a corresponding website (III)
  • increased promotional activities (I-II-III)
  • evaluation of selected programs and fine-tuning of advising materials and website (III)
  • consideration and plan for new program development where needed (III)
  • development of on-going training for Global Campus staff and collegiate faculty and staff advisers (III)
  • dissemination of project results through professional journals and at national conferences (III)

Each summer, UofM collegiate and Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) partners met to discuss and share progress, program information, and strategies in use on their campuses. UofM colleges and the Learning Abroad Center served as mentors to CIC partners who undertook the above process, approximately one year behind the UofM activities. CIC partners also shared their current successes in study abroad articulation, and UofM partners determined how to incorporate suggestions.

Thanks to US Department of Education, Office for Postsecondary Education, FIPSE