Learning Abroad Center

Developing Major Advising Pages

Division of Responsibilities

In developing a major advising page, the academic unit is responsible for:

  • assessing the curriculum of their degree programs
  • looking for ways in which study abroad experiences can add to the richness of their undergraduate major(s)
  • screening potential program matches
  • thinking through academic considerations for study abroad in the major(s)
  • reviewing the standardized advising tool when it is in the production process

The Learning Abroad Center is responsible for:

  • communicating our process and negotiating a timeline
  • meeting with department and college representatives
  • researching and presenting a variety of good curricular matches for each major
  • presenting advising sheet templates and examples
  • producing a standardized advising sheet that motivates students to study abroad in programs that are a particularly good match for their major

Components & Responsibility for Preparation

The online major advising pages are divided into several sections, which rely on collaborative work by the academic unit and the Learning Abroad Center.

Introductory quotes

  • Academic unit role: Obtain the quotes (as well as replacements if they get out of date) and submit them the Learning Abroad Center for posting.

Getting Started

  • Academic unit role. Give the Learning Abroad Center the proper URL for the “Meet with your academic adviser” link. (Most units do insert such a link but doing so is not mandatory.)
  • Learning Abroad Center role: Update any time the format changes. Monitor to assure all links continue to work.

Academic Planning

  • Academic unit role: Determine content and produce first draft. See the Assess, Match, and Motivate Worksheet for ideas and guidance.
  • Learning Abroad Center role: Provide academic unit with a template for format and feedback on drafts.

Learning Abroad Programs

  • Academic unit role: Give guidance to the Learning Abroad Center concerning the types of programs the unit feels is appropriate for their MAPs. Review preliminary lists provided by the Learning Abroad Center. Suggest changes. Approve final list.
  • Learning Abroad Center role: Search for programs based on guidelines from academic unit. Submit list to academic unit for review. Draft content for each program approved for list.

Student Experiences

  • Academic unit role: Urge appropriate returnees to make themselves available for a Learning Abroad Center interview.
  • Learning Abroad Center role: Conduct interviews. Produce resulting materials (in the form of video, print and online content) and incorporate into the online major advising page.


  • Academic unit role: Inform Learning Abroad Center promptly of any relevant changes in major requirements, advising procedures, and so on. Implement changes decided upon. Review the site regularly to assure accuracy.
  • Learning Abroad Center role: Revise program content when information changes significantly (e.g., new curricular thrusts relevant to this major, addition of a summer offering). Delete entry when a program has ceased to exist or is no longer relevant to this major. Review new program offerings added to Learning Abroad Center’s program portfolio and let the academic unit know about potential new inclusions. Review the site systematically from time to time to assure currency.