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CSE Exchange in South Korea: POSTECH, Pohang

Asia & Oceania

Gain valuable experience with Korean engineering and research professionals and take advantage of unique undergraduate research opportunities.

This program is administered by College of Science & Engineering and open to CSE students only. Applications are processed by the Learning Abroad Center.

Program Details

Pohang, South Korea
Academic Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
College of Science & Engineering

Program Eligibility

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UofM Students
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No Language Prerequisite


Study at Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH), a College of Science & Engineering departmental exchange program offer students the opportunity to take engineering and science courses taught in English at science and engineering universities abroad.

The CSE exchanges programs are coordinated within the College of Science & Engineering. You must apply for the program through CSE.  Start your journey by meeting with CSE

You receive transfer credit for the courses you complete with passing grades. Credits earned in South Korea transfer back to the University of Minnesota at the rate of .9.  Therefore, a 4-credit POSTECH course with a passing grade results in 3.6 U of M credits.  Your grades do not factor into your University of Minnesota GPA. Consult the Learning Abroad Center's Academic Policies website for more information.

Program Model

University Study

Application Deadline

Open to juniors and seniors with 2.8 GPA. Priority will be given to students earning a degree in CSE.  Application deadline April 1 for academic year/fall semester; October 1 for spring semester. Seeking nomination must be done one month prior to application deadline and application through the College of Science & Engineering.


Study at Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH). Gain valuable experience with Korean engineering and research professionals and organizations through this affordable study abroad option for students who desire complete immersion at academic institutions specifically selected to meet the needs of University of Minnesota students. Take advantage of research opportunities for undergraduates in engineering and science fields with faculty who have been trained at institutions in the US and UK.

Exchange students enrolling for the academic semesters primarily register for regular courses. Courses offered at the junior and senior year levels are primarily instructed in English. The option to blend academic courses with directed research is available during the semester. Directed research credit is possible in consultation with a POSTECH major faculty adviser in your department prior to departure. Instruction in English by Korean faculty. Typical credits: 28 for academic year; 14 for fall or spring semester. 1 POSTECH credit = 0.9 UofM credits. Note: the POSTECH academic calendar is the inversion of the UofM. The first semester of the school year runs March to June, and the second semester of the year runs September to December.

Summer Research Option: POSTECH offers a research-focused summer session for selected candidates from partner universities. Top candidates will have a research interest in a related lab at POSTECH and the ability to articulate that interest. Selected candidates receive access to a lab for summer, cultural events, and a living stipend. Some candidates also agree to be an English-language mentor, working with POSTECH students, for an additional stipend. This is a non-credit experience. Candidates usually apply by April, for the upcoming summer term (mid-June to mid-July).

More Information

For more information on this program, and to apply visit CSE's Learning Abroad page.

Program Fee

Program fees include international health insurance and tuition in Korea. Housing and meals are paid in Korea. University of Minnesota tuition, airfare, and personal expenses are additional. Participating students will receive updated cost information as soon as it is available.


Complete pre-application advising.

Be aware: All programs require a $50 application fee. This fee will be charged to your student account upon submission of an online application.

It is your responsibility to apply directly to the College of Science & Engineering and your host institution. Be sure to work with CSE to give yourself enough time to prepare the required documents. Once you have been accepted by CSE and your host institution, you may proceed with the LAC online application process. Please contact CSE International Programs with questions about applying for this CSE exchange.

To complete the online application for this program, you will need to select or provide the following information on the online application:


Once CSE has nominated you for the program, you will receive a link to the Learning Abroad Center's application system by email. You must complete this application to enter yourself in the Learning Abroad Center's system. This ensures that you retain your U of M student status while abroad, as well as access to financial aid, international insurance, etc.


Once you submit your application, you will receive an email notification confirming that your application was received and that you are now in the Learning Abroad Center's system. Once you are accepted to your host university, you will be assigned a confirmation checklist, which will include the following items:

  • First Step
  • Confirmation and Payment Agreement
  • Health Information Form
  • University of Minnesota Release and Waiver

Detailed descriptions and instructions for submitting each checklist item are included on the confirmation checklist assigned to you. You should also continue working with CSE and your host institution for pre-departure considerations.