Police Report

    Police Report

    A police report is a background check stating whether you have a criminal history. Different governmental agencies or police departments refer to this document as a background check. Explain that you need the document in order to provide a record of any violations that you may have, in order to participate in an internship abroad. The document you receive varies by jurisdiction.

    A police report is required for all students doing an internship or community engagement. We will not be able to place you in an internship or community engagement site without a background check.

    If you live outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you should check with the local governmental agency or police department in your hometown.

    Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

    Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
    Minnesota Justice Information Services—CHA
    1430 Maryland Ave. E.  
    St. Paul, MN 55106

    You can find more information at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.