Learning Abroad Center

Onsite Resources

Below are some resources past leaders have found useful in managing issues onsite.

Student Rights & Responsibilities: Student Code of Conduct, Education Abroad Code of Conduct, and Policy on Alcohol, Drugs & Study Abroad 

CISI International Insurance: Contact info, policy details, and claim process

Health Information Form: All students participating in a faculty/staff-led program must complete this form prior to departure. For Learning Abroad Center (LAC) programs, LAC takes the lead on following up with students on health concerns. For Collegiate/Departmental (CDep) programs, the LAC provides guidance to the leaders on following up with students on health concerns. 

Incident Report Form: Used to track incidents that occur onsite 

Independent Travel Form: Used when students travel outside of the program city or during free weekends 

Accountability contract (samples): Can be used to set appropriate expectations with students. Credit to Learning Abroad Center program leaders, June Nobbe and Nate Whittaker