Learning Abroad Center

UMN Instructor-led Study Abroad Class Scheduling Process

Instructor Led Program Types: 

"Non-Embedded (Fully Abroad)": a course for which all of the instructional contact hours take place abroad

"Embedded": a course for which some of the instructional contact hours take place on campus at the UMN, and some of the instructional contact hours take place abroad 


Study Abroad Course Scheduling Process

Non-Embedded Programs - Scheduing Process: 

1. The Instructor/Program Leader works with the Learning Abroad Center to initiate the program.

2. The Department Scheduler receives an email from the Learning Abroad Center with course details for the program.

3. The Departmental Scheduler schedules the course(s) in CCS as usual, but includes the following study abroad parameters:

  1. Basic Data tab

    1. Session: Select the appropriate session based on the program dates 

    2. Section: 500 - 510

    3. Associated Class: Same as section number

    4. Location: Off Campus

    5. Instruction Mode: Study Abroad (SA)

    6. Schedule Print: Uncheck

    7. Student Specific Permissions: Uncheck 

  1. Meetings tab

    1. Start/End Date: Enter the program dates 

    2. ID: Enter Instructor EmplID 

  1. Enrollment Ctrl tab

    1. Class Status: Active

    2. Add Consent: No Special Consent Required 

    3. Drop consent: No Special Consent Required 

    4. Enrollment Capacity: Enter expected enrollment total 

4. The Departmental Scheduler submits course section information to the Learning Abroad Center.

  1. Open the course details email you received from the Learning Abroad Center. 
  2. Click on the link for course section submission (step 2 in the email).
  3. Enter the section number(s) of the class(es) you've scheduled on this page; save and submit. 

5. The Learning Abroad Center verifies course information.

  1. The Learning Abroad Center will adjust the billing factor for the section of the class that you scheduled on the Adjust Class Associations Tab to .000. This will detach U of M tuition and fees for this class. 
  2. The Learning Abroad Center will adjust any other course details as needed (Grade Base, Variable Credits, etc).

6. The Learning Abroad Center Communicates Registration Details to Students.

  1. The Learning Abroad Center compiles registration information and sends it to students participating on the program.
  2. The Learning Abroad Center manages the enrollment process for these class(es). 


Embedded Programs - Scheduling Process:

When scheduling Embedded program courses, colleges/departments should NOT use 5xx-level class sections. The rest of the parameters should follow what the college/department would typically do for regular classes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do students receive information about registration?

Non-Embedded/Fully Abroad - The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) will email each student confirmed on the program with instructions on how to register, including course designator and number, section number, 5-digit registration code, around the opening of the registration queue for the term or once the course is scheduled, whichever happens later.

Embedded - The course can be found in the online UMN class schedule. Information can also be obtained from the program leader and/or the LAC program contact.


What is the timeline for scheduling study abroad classes?

Non-Embedded/Fully Abroad - Non-Embedded study abroad classes should be completely scheduled by the department/college no later than the deadlines listed below for each term.

Fall Programs:  March 1

Winter Break Programs:  October 1

Spring Programs:  October 1

May / Summer Programs:  February 1

Embedded - Embedded study abroad classes should follow what the college/department would typically do for regular classes.


Who do I contact with questions?

You can work with the LAC staff member that serves as your contact for this program on all questions, and they will consult with the appropriate LAC staff as needed. Alternatively you can contact the Learning Abroad Center's Academic Services team at [email protected]