Learning Abroad Center

Co-Leaders for Learning Abroad Center Programs


If you are considering a co-leader model, please carefully read the Co-Leader Considerations and include the following information in the main leader’s program proposal:

  • What expertise does the co-leader bring to the program?
  • What role will the co-leader serve on the program?
  • How will the co-leader's participation enhance student learning?
  • How will the co-leader's participation be funded?

Co-Leader Considerations

The Learning Abroad Center instructor-led model encompasses one main leader plus strong on-site support from a local learning abroad affiliate. Adding a co-leader increases costs in the following areas: airfare, housing, salary, fringe benefits, meals/incidentals stipend, entrance fees, ground transportation, and international insurance.

If a Learning Abroad Center leader would like to add another leader or teaching assistant, these additional expenses must be covered by their college, their department, or through personal means. In addition, to lead the program, both leaders must obtain permission from the departmental chair.

Co-leaders will be vetted through the Learning Abroad Center as part of the proposal review process. If a co-leader is approved, their responsibilities will be outlined in a Letter of Understanding provided by the Learning Abroad Center.