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Working with On-Site Partners

Working with On-Site Partners

The following are points to consider when discussing logistics with on-site program partners. It is not exhaustive, but a useful set of questions to get started.


  • Will the partner reserve and purchase airline tickets for you to ensure that all students arrive together? The alternative is to work with a local travel agency yourself or have students purchase their own tickets. (This will undoubtedly result in students arriving at different times and possibly different dates)
  • Will students need a visa to enter the country? If so, do you need assistance with this?
  • Will you need someone to meet you and the students at the airport and transport you to your accommodations?

Academic Support Services

  • Are there academic institutions that may serve as host or partner?
  • Are there internet facilities and/or a computer lab?
  • Can they provide suggestions and/or expertise where applicable? 
  • Will students have access to a library?
  • Can they organize guest lectures?

Related Support Services

  • Do they have a center with classroom facilities?
  • What information can they share regarding geographical location in city, how to get around during free time, health and safety issues, access to money, etc.
  • What type of housing facilities will be needed i.e. hotels, residence halls, homestays?
  • What arrangements for meals will be made?
  • How will students travel between lectures, field trips, and housing accommodations?
  • Will the partner provide 24/7 emergency support?
  • Can the partner provide cell phones with local phone numbers?

On-Site Partners Offering Support for Instructor-Led Programs

The following partners can provide logistical and administrative assistance for instructor-led programs. These organizations adhere to good practice standards and have, in most cases, successfully supported groups from the University of Minnesota in the past. You should research resources and identify your specific programmatic needs in advance of contacting organizations. 

Learning Abroad Center Global Partner Program

UofM Customized programs can provide customized program development assistance and support in the following locations: Buenos Aires, Dakar, Madrid, Montpellier, Nairobi, & Toledo. 


ACCENT International works with over 50 colleges and universities to provide high quality, cost-effective study abroad programs. They have over 20 years of experience in coordinating customized programs. Sites: Florence, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome.


CAPA International Education is an international education organization committed to empowering student learning through personal choice, academic integrity, and engagement in urban environments abroad. CAPA has worked with hundreds of institutions to develop Instructor-led and Custom Programs that meet the specific requirements of each institution and department.


CET Academic Programs is a study abroad organization based in Washington, DC that designs and administers innovative educational programs abroad.

Child Family Health International

Child Family Health International (CFHI) offers community-based global health education programs for health science students. CFHI is made up of health professionals and students that work at the grassroots level through 20+ programs in 7 countries. CFHI offers academic partnership opportunities to schools and groups to expand global health offerings.


IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) has been providing high-quality academic study abroad and internship programs to students since 1950. IES has programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. IES offers customized programs which allow colleges and universities to achieve their individual goals.


IFSA has offices in 17 countries, resident directors who have extensive local networks, and over 25 years of experience as an organizational leader in study abroad. IFSA is uniquely positioned to provide support for customized programs.

Seminars International

Seminars International serves the needs of special interest, educational, religious and performing arts groups who seek to enhance their programs through travel. Seminars International specializes in short-term study abroad program arrangements.


SeoRianta is a specialist in student, youth and independent travel in Ireland, run by Seona MacReamoinn. SeoRianta is based in Dublin, but can support programs that travel to other parts of Ireland. Contact the Learning Abroad Center if interested in working with SeoRianta.


WorldStrides serves colleges and universities across the U.S. in 110+ countries catering uniquely to programmatic and organizational needs on customized programs.

*Local universities who have established relationships with the University of Minnesota may also be able to partner and support visiting groups. Contact the Global Campus Partner Programs team for information on partnerships in specific regions or countries.