Learning Abroad Center

On-site Program Engagement Opportunities

The Learning Abroad Center will periodically request participation from our university faculty and staff to participate in opportunities abroad that may include program reviews, familiarization visits and program development opportunities.

UMTC On-site Program Engagement Form

Fill out the UMTC On-site Program Engagement Form to be considered for future on-site program engagement opportunities.

Program Reviews

Through Program Reviews, the Learning Abroad Center (LAC) maintains excellence in programs and engages in an active process of reporting and evaluation.

Group Program Site Visit 

These visits allow small groups of faculty, advisers and career professionals to participate in organized visits to selected programs. If you are interested in participating on a group site visit, fill out the UMTC LAC On-site Program Engagement Interest Form (see above). These are reviewed on a regular basis, and you will be contacted should an appropriate opportunity be identified.

Participants need to secure partial funding for the site visit (minimum $1,000) from their academic unit, or college. The LAC will provide funding to cover the remaining costs, including international airfare, local ground transportation, and reasonable food and lodging expenses.

There is no longer an annual call for UMTC Learning Abroad Center site visit applications and filling out this form is not a prerequisite for participation.

Individual Program Site Visit

The Learning Abroad Center can help facilitate individual visits to a LAC sponsored program. Participants are responsible for most travel costs, however, a small support may be available to cover the costs of meals or a hotel accommodation. To request funding, fill out the UMTC On-site Program Engagement Form.

Program Development Visits 

The Learning Abroad Center’s programs are designed to meet the needs of UofM students. As our students’ needs change, so must our existing programs. Periodically, the LAC will make changes is current program curricular as well as develop new program sites. This development is always done in collaboration with UofM departments and colleges. Most of the collaborative work is accomplished on campus, but occasionally the LAC will ask faculty and staff to travel to the program site. These site visits allow for more integration in the local environment, local faculty expertise, and other resources in the pedagogical development of the curriculum. 

Program Familiarization Visits 

It is important for UofM faculty and staff to be familiar with programs that provide courses and field experiences within their academic purview, as well as the various models of study abroad programs. One way the LAC meets this goal is to organize and sponsor periodic familiarization visits to our own program sites. Affiliate program providers also occasionally invite the LAC to select university faculty and staff to visit their programs.