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UMTC Learning Abroad Financial Barriers Advisory Group

UMTC Learning Abroad Financial Barriers Advisory Group

The University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Financial Barriers Advisory Group includes and serves financial aid staff, professional advisers, faculty members, administrators and others involved in supporting students as they consider an education abroad experience.

Particular preference will be given to sharing of best practices, benchmarking and updates to foster the financial literacy of learning abroad, assist with providing feedback on creating inclusive learning experiences and identify barriers that limit access to learning abroad opportunities.

Communication and collaboration are core values of the function of the advisory board to develop creative solutions and identifying effective processes to ensure learning abroad becomes more inclusive and accessible.   Meetings are organized by the Learning Abroad Center, but the agenda will be open to issues and topics identified by the group.   

The UMTC Learning Abroad Financial Barriers Advisory Group members can serve as a resource for faculty and staff through the following methods:

  • Information sharing about important and recent topics related to the financial literacy of education abroad
  • Recommendations for how to financially support students as they participate in learning abroad experiences
  • Provide feedback to the Learning Abroad Center to help update and maintain financial content on the Learning Abroad Center website 

UMTC Learning Abroad Financial Barriers Advisory Group Members

  • Steve Cisneros, President's Emerging Scholars Program
  • Julie Goepferd, University Honors Program
  • Walter Goodwin, College of Liberal Arts Advising
  • Sarah Ihrig, Transfer Student Experience
  • Maxine Kobinski, Carlson Global Institute
  • Minerva Munoz, TRiO Student Support Services
  • Les Opatz, College of Liberal Arts Advising
  • Erin Piper, College of Science and Engineering
  • Cathy Schuster, Study Abroad Coordinator, Academic Support Resources
  • Tommy Van Norman, CFANS Land-Grant Legacy Scholarship Program
  • Nathan Whittaker, School of Social Work
  • Steve Yang, College of Design

Learning Abroad Center Representatives

  • Scott Daby
  • Roslyn Englund
  • Kim Hindbjorgen