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This graduate-level program offers students the opportunity to study with expert practitioners in India and examine the claim that systematic practice of ancient healing traditions promotes optimal health.

Program Details

New Delhi, Dharamsala, India
May Session
Languages Taught In
Languages Taught In
Center for Spirituality and Healing

Program Eligibility

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Student Type
UofM Students
Non UofM Students
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Student Year
Graduate Students


Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda,& Yoga are interrelated, ancient, holistic Indian traditions that integrate ethics, spirituality, and healing. While studying with expert practitioners at the UMN and in India, students will examine the claim that the systematic practice of these traditions promotes healing and optimal health.

Students fly from MSP to New Delhi, where they can visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. Study Tibetan Medicine at Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamsala and visit monasteries, temples, and Tibetan Children's Village. During free time, go trekking in foothills of Himalayan Mountains and attend variety of Yoga options.

Program Model


Housing & Meals

Students spend 5 days at New Delhi YWCA in air-conditioned double rooms with twin beds, private bathrooms, and breakfast provided. Students spend 15 days at Hotel Tibet in Dharamsala in rooms with twin beds, private bathroom with shower and Western toilet. Breakfast provided.

Application Deadline

January 2, 2023

Program Dates

May 14, 2023 - June 4, 2023


CSPH 5318:

Using critical thinking, students will investigate scientific evidence for Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, and Yoga and propose additional research needed. Students will synthesize the philosophical, psychological, and ethical teachings of these traditions with their experiential knowledge in order to meet the course objectives and their own needs personally and professionally.


Excursions include visits to a Sikh temple and sightseeing in New Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamsala, Delek Hospital,Temples, McLeod Ganj, foothills of Himalayan Mountains, Tibetan Children's Village, Yoga at Universal Power Yoga in Dharamsala.

More Information

Contact Dr. Katie Schuver at [email protected], or Tenzin Namdul at [email protected].

Through a combination of classroom-based activities and experiential learning, students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, and Yoga in India in terms of ethics, spirituality, and healing.
  • Examine the relationship between Indian traditional healing and Tibetan/Indian history, religion, and culture.
  • Explain principles and practices of Yoga in India.
  • Explain principles and practices of Ayurveda in India.
  • Describe characteristics, qualifications, and licensure of practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda in India.
  • Evaluate research using Yoga and Ayurveda in India.
  • Compare and contrast Yoga and Ayurveda with Allopathic Medicine in India.
  • Compare and contrast Tibetan Medicine with Allopathic Medicine in India.
  • Explain principles and practices of Tibetan Medicine in India.
  • Describe characteristics, qualifications, and licensure of traditional Tibetan doctors in India.
  • Evaluate research using Tibetan Medicine in India.
  • Use critical thinking to integrate Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, and Yoga into personal and professional life.

Prerequisite: CSPH 5315 – “Traditional Tibetan Medicine: Ethics, Spirituality & Healing.” This is a 2-credit course that is offered online. You can take 5315 Spring semester 2023 and be eligible for the 2023 India course.

Program Fee

May 2023 Cost of Participation

The $5,580 program fee covers:

  • 4 credits (undergraduate for undergraduates; graduate for graduate students).
  • 60+ hours of instructional time.
  • Round-trip airfare between MSP and New Delhi.
  • International health insurance in India.
  • Meals: breakfast every day and some other meals (listed on Schedule in India).
  • Group classes at the University of Minnesota and in India.
  • Lodging in India: (Each room at the New Delhi YWCA and Hotel Tibet have twin beds, private bathroom with shower and Western toilet; students choose their own roommates.)
  • Group ground transportation in India.
  • Group sightseeing in India.
  • Service tips and payment for Group activities.

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Cancellation Policy

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May Session 2023

Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, and Yoga in India

May Session 2023

Program Fee

  • UofM students pay program fee instead of on-campus tuition & fees while abroad
  • Billed through UofM account
Non-refundable deposit $400
Tuition and educational costs $2,876.50
International health insurance $50
Housing and/or meals $248.50
Transportation (if required and included in program fee) $1,650
Total Program Fee $5,225
Program discount for University of Minnesota and Big Ten students, if applicable $0
Total Program Fee with discount, if applicable $5,225

Estimated Additional Expenses

  • Financial aid-eligible but not included in program fee
Costs Typically Incurred Prior to Departure These costs may need to be paid before your financial aid is disbursed for your term abroad.
Transportation to and from program site $0
Passport/photos $150
Visa/required documents $100
Travel clinic/immunizations* $0
Housing deposit $0
Total Estimated Cost Incurred Prior to Departure $250
Costs Typically Incurred After Arrival in Host Country
Texts/materials $30
Housing and/or meals not included in program fee $75
Essential daily living expenses $0
Total Estimated Cost Incurred After Arrival in Host Country $105

Total Estimated Cost of Participation

  • UofM students—compare this to your estimated on campus cost of attendance
Total Estimated Cost of Participation $5,580
Spending money and personal travel Not included in financial aid calculation $200
Additional Notes & Information
* Immunizations Note: This estimate is based on approximate cost of travel-related vaccinations and medications required for entry or recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Your costs may be higher or lower depending on your travel clinic, the specific immunizations and medication prescribed, and your insurance coverage.


Complete pre-application advising.


The COVID-19 vaccine and booster are required by the host country and/or on-site partners and facilities for most study abroad programs. Complete your COVID-19 vaccine doses immediately.

You will be charged a $50 application fee for each application you submit.

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  • First Step session
  • University of Minnesota Student Release and Waiver Form

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  3. Your application is not considered complete until the form has been received and you have completed the First Step module. Your completed application will be forwarded to the program leader in the sponsoring college/department for review.
  4. The program leader will notify the Learning Abroad Center of acceptance decisions. If accepted, you will be notified via email and assigned a confirmation checklist, which includes:
    • Health Information Form
    • Confirmation and Payment Agreement
    • Online Health & Safety Orientation
  5. Login to the online application to review the confirmation checklist and submit the required items.
  6. Once you submit all items, your participation will be confirmed and your student account will be billed for the program deposit.
  7. If you decide not to continue with the application process, log into the online application and submit a Cancel Request. You must also notify your program leader of your cancellation.