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Travel Resources

The Learning Abroad Center offers products and services to make your travel planning easier.

Visit the Learning Abroad Center Resource Center in 230 Heller Hall (map) for more resources on traveling abroad.

Travel Products for Sale

Travel Library

The Learning Abroad Resource Center has a travel library of Lonely Planet Guidebooks and various books on working, teaching, living, and traveling abroad. Items must remain in resource library.

Obtaining Travel Documents

It is important for you to obtain the appropriate travel documents for your time abroad.  Although the Learning Abroad Center does not issue passports or visas, there are a number of helpful resources available to help you obtain these important travel documents.

Travel Advising

The Learning Abroad Center offers travel advising appointments. Consider meeting with a travel adviser to help prepare you for your travels abroad. Travel advisers may also be able to help you with basic logistics, such as money matters, general transportation issues, and recommended sites to visit. 

To schedule a 30 minute travel advising appointment contact the Learning Abroad Center at 612.626.9000 or visit our office in 230 Heller Hall (map) to schedule an appointment.

Note: Due to the changing nature of visa requirements and processes, travel advisers are not able to offer assistance with these matters. For information on entry requirements and visas, visit the State Department website.

Online Travel Resources

Learn About Your Destination Search for newspaper links from around the globe and catch up on the current news in your destination before you go

World Hum Multiple links, foreign newspapers, and alternative travel writing including travel blogs Information by country about geography, economy, history, culture, and customs

CIA The World Factbook Detailed information and statistics about every country in the world

Travel Forums

Trip adviser: Get reviews and recommendations on lodging and things to see from others who have been there

Travelmag: Get ideas of places to visit and things to do from entertaining travelogues

Travel Gear and Packing

What to pack? Pack using a checklist so you ensure you bring all the necessities for your experience abroad. Keep in mind that you will likely purchase additional items and souvenirs while abroad. Leave extra space in your luggage or bring an extra bag. Remember, many basic items can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. For some items, such as toiletries, it may make more sense to bring a small amount and purchase more locally as needed.

Eagle Creek provides packing checklists for several types of travel. Download this packing information (pdf) as you consider types of luggage and what to pack.

Documents and IDs

Money Matters

The following sites offer travel products for purchase:

Midwest Mountaineering: Great selection of backpacks and travel gear located right on the West Bank in Minneapolis

REI: Travel gear online or at three locations in the Twin Cities area Competitive prices on several brands of travel products Wide variety of travel products for all travelers

Health and Safety Abroad

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Get information on disease risks and necessary immunizations for your destination

World Health Organization: Keep up-to-date with global health issues and find vaccination requirements and malaria recommendations listed by country

Boynton Health Services: Information on getting immunizations and international travel for U of M students

Practical Planning

US State Department: Passport information, visa requirements, and government announcements and warnings about your destination Conversion rates for every currency in the world plus a useful tool that allows you to convert US Dollars to foreign currency and vice versa

Expatistan: Cost of living calculator that allows you to compare the cost of living between cities around the world

letravelstore: Figure out if you need a voltage converter or adapter for the appliances you plan to take abroad

Students Abroad: A website developed by the U.S. State Department for students traveling and studying abroad

Monetos European Guide: A guide for living and traveling in Europe

Travel Agencies

University Travel Services
1423 Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Village Travel Service Inc.
2626 East 82nd Street, Suite #280
Bloomington, MN 55425

Online Travel Search Engines

Although somewhat less predictable than using a travel agent, booking online may save travelers a considerable amount of money. Online agencies may offer less customer support than the personal service given by a travel agent, so remember to read the fine print.

Check out these sites:

STA Travel: Great listing of travel deals for students A great site that searches multiple airlines consecutively Discounted prices on air, car & hotels Discounted prices on air, car & hotels Excellent prices for many regions of the world Discounted airfare just for students Consistently good prices for certain European destinations Discounted prices on air, car & hotels

cheapflights.comDiscounted prices on air & hotels

Tips for Booking Fights


Online Search Engines

Travel Agents

Other Considerations


Hostels are very inexpensive places to stay and can be found in almost every city. Hostels are different than hotels in that travelers sleep four to six in a dorm-style room. This offers a great opportunity to meet other people and even become travel partners, especially for solo travelers. Hostelling in Europe is a popular option for those backpacking around the continent or making weekend getaways while studying abroad. Hostel memberships are available from Hostelling International.

Worldwide Hostel Search Engines:

Special Interests and Needs

Mobility International USA: Advice for travelers with disabilities

GLBTA Programs Office: Provides services and resources on campus related to GLBT concerns abroad

Twin Cities Campus: