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Learning Abroad in Fisheries & Wildlife

Picture yourself in Costa Rica learning about the environment and conservation in the tropics. Manage an environmental education project with the Kenyan Wildlife Service. Learn how Scandinavian countries approach natural resource management. Study environmental restoration in Thailand.

Study Abroad Process

This is the basic process you'll complete in order to study abroad. The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible.

Academic Planning

Review the following suggestions from the Fisheries and Wildlife program before beginning your study abroad research.

How do I select a study abroad program?

How will the study abroad program fulfill my requirements?

Liberal Education:

Major requirements: 


Africa and the Middle East


University of Ghana (available through CIEE Ghana)

  • Coursework available in environmental studies, wildlife and park management, marine biology, freshwater zoology, conservation biology, experimental zoology, oceanography, and more



Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID)

  • This “mini-Peace Corps” program offers credit through coursework, research, field placements, and internships
  • Work along-side host nationals on development projects
  • Internships are individualized

Costa Rica

CIEE Costa Rica- Ecology of the Rainforest

  • Study at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in the mountains of northwestern Costa Rica
  • Courses include: Tropical Diversity, Tropical Community Ecology, Independent Study in Biology, Spanish (all levels), and Humans in the Tropics

Asia and Oceania


University of Adelaide (available through IFSA-Butler Australia)

  • The University of Adelaide is a center of academic excellence in South Australia
  • Surrounded by outback, the Flinders Mountain Range, and the Pacific Ocean, Adelaide is an interesting place to study environmental issues
  • Take classes from throughout the university including natural resource management, environmental management, and tropical environments

James Cook University

  • JCU’s tropical location near the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, and outback is an ideal location to study
  • JCU has long been respected as a world leader in tropical environmental study
  • Coursework available in areas such as tropical rainforest ecology, hydrology, marine ecology, and environmental assessment

University of Tasmania (available through IFSA-Butler Australia)

  • The University of Tasmania is located in one of the world’s most interesting ecosystems
  • The university is known for academic areas related to the natural environment including those related to its unique flora and fauna
  • The university has a program in Natural Environment and Wilderness Management that is multidisciplinary

University of Melbourne

  • Study at the University of Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading universities
  • Classes are available focusing on Australia flora and fauna, ecology, sustainable environmental development, parks & recreation management and more
  • Field study is an integral part of environmental subjects


Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID)

  • This “mini-Peace Corps” program offers credit through coursework, research, field placements, and internships
  • Work along-side host nationals on development projects
  • Internships are individualized



Nord-Trøndelag College (CFANS)

  • Study wildlife, fisheries, energy resources, recreation, and environmental geography
  • Many field excursions that exemplify elements of resource management are part of the program 


Trinity College (available through Arcadia Ireland)

  • Trinity College is one of Europe’s oldest universities
  • Trinity College maintains close links with the Marine Fisheries Research Center, National Parks and Wildlife Service, National Museum, Salmon Research Agency, and Zoological Society of Ireland


University of Eastern Finland (available through UM–Duluth)

  • The University of Joensuu offers a number of English-taught courses in environmental management and forestry
  • Field-based courses in ecology and natural resource management are available, as are courses in limnology, biodiversity, landscape management, sustainable management systems, foresty, and more

Additional Options to Consider

Work, Intern, and Volunteer Abroad Programs (non-credit)

  • An alternative or compliment to study abroad.
  • Explore new interests or gain experience related to your field of study.
  • Consider paid and unpaid opportunities offered throughout the year at locations around the globe.

Student Experiences

Nick H. Studies Environmental Geography in China
Nick's year long experience in China helped him to decide on an Environmental Geography major.

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on other students' experiences studying abroad.

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