group of U of M Students in front of a windmill in Spain

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    Online Travel Resources

    Learn About Your Destination

    • Information by country about geography, economy, history, culture, and customs
    • CIA The World Factbook Detailed information and statistics about every country in the world
    • Students Abroad: A website developed by the U.S. State Department for students traveling and studying abroad

    Travel Forums

    • Get reviews and recommendations on lodging and things to see from others who have been there
    • Get ideas of places to visit and things to do from entertaining travelogues

    Passport/Visa Photos 


    Hostels are very inexpensive places to stay and can be found in almost every city. Hostels are different than hotels in that travelers sleep four to six in a dorm-style room. This offers a great opportunity to meet other people and even become travel partners, especially for solo travelers. Hostelling in Europe is a popular option for those backpacking around the continent or making weekend getaways while studying abroad. Worldwide hostel search engines and apps include:

    Student Identity

    Information and resources about studying abroad for: