Travel Products & Online Resources

Travel Products & Online Resources

Travel Resources at the Learning Abroad Center


After May 31, 2019 the Learning Abroad Center will no longer be offering passport photos or International Identity Cards.  

Travel Library

The Learning Abroad Resource Center has a travel library of Lonely Planet Guidebooks and various books on working, teaching, living, and traveling abroad. Items must remain in resource library.

Travel Advising

The Learning Abroad Center offers travel advising appointments, even if you're not studying abroad. Consider meeting with a travel adviser to help you prepare. Travel advisers may also be able to help you with basic logistics, such as money matters, general transportation issues, and recommended sites to visit.

To schedule a 30 minute travel advising appointment contact the Learning Abroad Center at 612.626.9000 or visit our office in 230 Heller Hall (map).

Note: Due to the changing nature of visa requirements and processes, travel advisers are not able to offer assistance with these matters. For information on entry requirements and visas, visit the State Department website.

Online Travel Resources

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Hostels are very inexpensive places to stay and can be found in almost every city. Hostels are different than hotels in that travelers sleep four to six in a dorm-style room. This offers a great opportunity to meet other people and even become travel partners, especially for solo travelers. Hostelling in Europe is a popular option for those backpacking around the continent or making weekend getaways while studying abroad. Worldwide hostel search engines and apps include:

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