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Before You Go

    Considerations as You Are Planning to Study Abroad 

    Outside of selecting and applying for a program, these are other things to think about before as you are planning for your study abroad experience.

    Housing Before/After You Go Abroad

    Release from a UofM Housing & Residential Life Contract

    If you have a housing contract through the University of Minnesota's Housing & Residential Life, residents participating on a Learning Abroad program may be granted a release from their contract during the contract period without financial penalty, subject to proper documentation.  Contact Housing & Residential Life for more information.  

    Subleasing Resources

    UMN Undergraduate Roommate Finder- A free service that allows you to search for other UMN students looking for roommates.  It can be used to seek out someone to sublet an existing lease.

    Housing & Residential Life: Off-Campus Housing Listing Service- View available off-campus housing options near the University of Minnesota - Twin Cites campus. All landlords listed here have been reviewed by Student Legal Services. Also has helpful resources for students new to off-campus housing. 

    Tips for Subleasing

    • Check your lease for subletting requirements and get your landlord's approval.
    • If you have roommates, get their consent.
    • Use a written sublease agreement and give the sublessee a copy of the lease.
    • Use caution when using website classifieds such as Craigslist; beware of risks of posting personal information and avoid entering into transactions without meeting in person.
    • Find someone trustworthy to sublet, you are still ultimately responsible for any damages or unpaid rent.
    • Talk to other students who have gone abroad. How did they handle subleasing?

    Contact Student Legal Services for further housing questions.
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    219 19th Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    Travel Resources

    The Travel Resources section has information about packing, passports, visas, buying plane tickets, and traveling through airports.

    Money Considerations

    Learn more about steps you can take before depart and while abroad to manage your money abroad.

    Health and Safety

    Review the information in the health and safety section to learn about preparations you can make before you go abroad and how to stay safe and healthy while abroad.


    Learning abroad can be affordable, but like any educational investment, it requires planning and careful comparison. The international opportunities offered through the Learning Abroad Center vary widely in cost depending on the type of program, inclusions in the program (excursions, meal stipends, housing, and so on), length of stay, and destination. When considering cost, it is important to remember a few things:

    • Many scholarships are available.
    • Most financial aid can be applied to study abroad.
    • The costs of some programs are comparable to what you would pay here on campus. Make sure you are comparing costs fairly.