Learning Abroad Center

University of Minnesota Grading Options (A/F or S/N)

Policy Statement

Students must first inquire with the Learning Abroad Center program team responsible for their program as to whether S/N grading is an option. To receive a grade of S, the student must earn the equivalent of a C- or better. Students are responsible for checking with their academic adviser (or, for non-University of Minnesota system students, with their home institution) prior to departure to determine whether S grades for coursework taken abroad are accepted.

Grades earned on study abroad programs (for UMN resident credit) are converted to UMN grades according to pre-established grade conversion criteria. The UMN does not award A+ grades nor D- grades on the UMN A- F grading scale.

On the UMN S/N grading scale, an S represents achievement that is satisfactory, which is equivalent to a C- or better. An N represents no credit and signifies that the work was either (1) completed but at a level of achievement that is not worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and the student that the student would be awarded an incomplete.

Non-UMN students have an additional responsibility to ask whether their home university accepts S/N grades, even if it is allowed by the particular UMN program. If a non-UMN student inadvertently enrolls for a class with an S/N grade option, and their home university does not accept a grade of S for credit, the Learning Abroad Center substitutes the earned A-F letter grade, if available, for the S grade. Otherwise, the Learning Abroad Center substitutes a grade of C- for the S grade. In both instances, students must first provide documentation from an adviser or registrar from the home institution that the S/N grade option is not accepted.

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