Learning Abroad Center


Policy Statement

Semester study abroad programs through the Learning Abroad Center are full-time enrollment programs, with a typical credit load of 13 to 16 semester credits. Students are required to follow the credit guidelines of their program.


If a study abroad program requires more than 13 credits, students must take the required amount. The average credit load at the University of Minnesota, on campus and abroad, is 15 credits per semester. Students are expected to continue to maintain appropriate degree progress while studying abroad.

There are a few Learning Abroad Center programs that allow a minimum of 12, rather than 13, credits. In these cases, students wishing to take 12 credits must request an exemption from the UofM 13 credit policy via the One Stop website. These exemption requests are evaluated by the students’ college advising offices. An approved 13 credit exemption allows study abroad students to register on time in the registration queue for the following term of on-campus courses.

Note that the maximum credit load at the University of Minnesota is 20 credits per semester, and 15 credits for May/Summer. Students wishing to take more than the maximum abroad must obtain approval from their college adviser in advance.

If applicable, students should discuss credit load requirements with their financial aid office and/or scholarship provider to determine how many credits are required to remain eligible for the funding. Non-UofM students who attend institutions not on the semester credit system should consult with their home institutions regarding credit transfer and any requirements for minimum or maximum credit load.

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