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Learning Abroad in Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics

There is no such thing as a “local” company or issue anymore. An international experience will provide you with the necessary skills to work effectively in industry, academia, and the public sector. Every CSE student should consider gaining international experience through study abroad.

Study Abroad Process

This is the basic process you'll complete in order to study abroad. The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible.

Academic Planning

Review the following suggestions from the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department before beginning your study abroad research.

How Do I Start?

Look at Program Options in Your Major

Consider options outside of the semesters⏤May Session, Summer, and Winter Break. Many of these offer credit that you can use toward your degree.

Unless you are fluent in languages beyond English, you will most likely focus your search on universities with engineering schools that offer technical coursework in English (whether or not the locally spoken language is English).

The sites listed below offer many courses in Aerospace Engineering, and some include fields not available at the U of M. All of the universities offer other fields such as sciences, math, and a wide array of courses in the arts, humanities, business, and social science.

Information about courses open to study abroad students is not always readily available and correspondence with the host university’s departments may be necessary.

Detailed course information is sometimes hard to come by prior to departure. Some flexibility in what you want to take is important!

How Do I Get Credits To Go Toward My Requirements?

Once you have selected a program

Students planning on studying abroad will need to start working on their Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA) Form as soon as they have selected a program.

To fulfill major requirements

To fulfill Liberal Education requirements


Asia and Oceania


University Study in Australia: University of Melbourne

  • Based in Melbourne, ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, the university boasts 150-year history as a leader in research, innovation and teaching

University of New South Wales (available through Arcadia Australia or IFSA-Butler Australia)

  • Situated in Sydney, the University of New South Wales is a leader in teaching and research in Australia

University Study in Australia: University of Sydney 

  • Modeled after Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the University of Sydney is the oldest and one of the largest in Australia, building its own reputation for excellence in teaching and research
  • The Aeronautical Engineering Department offers courses in; Aerospace Design, Aerospace Structures I & II, Aircraft Construction and Design, Kinematics and Dynamics, and Aviation Technology



Trinity College Dublin (available through Arcadia Ireland)

  • One of the finest institutions in Ireland with a storied history and home to the Book of Kells, Trinity College Dublin is situated in the heart of Dublin

University Study in Ireland: University of Limerick

  • On the banks of the River Shannon above the ancient city of Limerick
  • Courses are similar to those offered for Mechanical Engineering majors but also include courses such as Aircraft Vibrations, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Structures, Aerodynamics, and Flight Mechanics


  • This program focuses specifically on mechatronics–complex systems that are composed of mechanical components, computers, and sensors.
  • Participants will gain insight into leading Swiss and German production and services enterprises as well as high-energy research.

United Kingdom

Cambridge University (available through IFSA-Butler England or Arcadia England)

  • One of the top universities in the world, this 800 year old institution is a great fit for students seeking an academic and intellectual challenge

University of Edinburgh (available through IFSA-Butler England or Arcadia England)

  • Large institution founded in 583 known for its academic excellence and and international research

University College-London (availablethrough IFSA-Butler England or Arcadia England)

  • Oldest and largest institution in the University of London federation, situated in the heart of London

University of Leeds (available through IFSA-Butler England)

  • One of the largest institutions in the UK, with a huge selection of courses and departments

University of Manchester (available through Arcadia England)

  • One of Europe’s leading Aerospace Engineering curriculums with the active participation of British Aerospace, together with access to Cranfield’s Jetstream flying classroom aircraft
  • Courses include Aerospace Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Aerospace Structures & Systems, Engineering Mathematics, Dynamics and Loads, Design, Drawing and CAD, Aerospace Propulsion, and Aerodynamics

Additional Options to Consider

College of Science and Engineering Learn Abroad

  • AEM students should also look at the study abroad exchanges and programs approved for other CSE departments on which you may be able to take general requirements as well as mechanical and electrical engineering courses. For information on exchanges, contact Adam Pagel, 106 Lind Hall or email.

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)

  • IAESTE United States is an organization dedicated to developing global skills in tomorrow’s technical leaders. Founded in 1948, IAESTE coordinates on-the-job training for students in technical fields such as engineering, computer science, mathematics, natural/physical sciences, architecture, and agricultural science. The University of Minnesota is one of twenty educational institutions in the U.S. with a local IAESTE committee. Opportunities for involvement in this committee are available as well.

Engineers Without Borders

  • EWB partners with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students.
Intensive Language Programs
  • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor
  • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester long program
Global Seminars
  • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over Winter Break or May Session.
  • Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.
  • Explore an exciting location and topic! Check out this year's offerings!
Freshman Seminars
  • Freshman Seminars Abroad combine on-campus instruction during spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break.
  • Seminars are 3 credits at the 19xx level and most fulfill a liberal education requirement.
  • Seminars are designed specifically for first year students as an introduction to study abroad.

Non-Credit Opportunities

  • Non-credit  opportunities can be a great option for students who do not need academic credit but want to gain skills and experience abroad related to their field of study.  
Student Experiences

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on other students' experiences studying abroad.