Exchange in Tokyo, Japan: Hitotsubashi Site Access Summary

We have a Student Support Committee on campus to reasonable support students with disabilities in academic life. If students with disabilities ask for service and support due to disabilities, we provide the student with necessary assistance on a case by case basis in order to ensure equal access to all university programs, activities and service.

Reasonable support have not been put in place automatically, these arrangements of assistance can be decided with consultation with Student Support Committee, school counselor and specialized caseworker, based on diagnostic evidence of the disability or condition that requires these adjustments.

Classroom Buildings

Elevator and Slopes are available in all buildings of classroom. But elevator and slope are unavailable in some non-classroom buildings due to building’s structure.

Excursions and Field Trips 

Accessible transportation is available for some field trips and excursions, but not all activity may be suited for students with mobility disability (i.e., hiking and walking activities).

Housing and Food Facilities

Hitotsubashi resident halls are wheelchair-accessible, and elevator and slope are unavailable in some resident hall due to building’s structure. Upon request, we can arrange a room for students with disabilities within the limits of availability. Food facilities on campus are also wheelchair-accessible.


Computer Education Building is wheelchair-accessible.


Hitotsubashi University Library is wheelchair-accessible. Upon request, Library staffs can provide assistance and support to Library users with disabilities in their use of the Library and its resources.


Trains and subways operate every day and can be accessed by someone in a wheelchair, either by a lift or with assistance from attendants. We may not provide commuting assistance such as hiring a personal attendant.

Health Services

Hitotsubashi health center provides health examination, medical treatment, health consultations, and first-aid assistance to students and faculty. It also provides psychiatric and mental health counseling for students and faculty. All students and faculty can use this Center without charge by showing your identification card.

Health Center is open from 8:30 to 17:00 on weekdays.

Examples of types of accommodations provided to student with hearing difficulties:

Examples of types of accommodations provided to student with physical/mobility disabilities:

Examples of types of accommodations provided to developmental disorders (i.e., Asperger's Syndrome):