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There is a contradiction in Israel regarding people with disabilities. On the one hand, there are laws that require public locations to be accessible to the disabled. These laws are not always enforced and the changes have been very slow coming. While most Israelis are generally willing to help a physically disabled person, the society itself has yet to make the necessary changes that maximize the capability of a physically disabled individual to independently access the larger country.

The University has had experience accommodating students who are hearing or visually impaired. We have also had experience accommodating students with learning disabilities. We encourage the student to be in touch with us to coordinate all possible accommodations. In our language courses, we are unable to accommodate students who are hearing or visually impaired.

We are able to help students on campus, but once they step off campus, students with physical disabilities will likely have significant difficulty getting around. Access in Haifa and Israel varies. A person confined to a wheelchair would likely have to go well out of their way to find to a slanted curb.

As a note, there is not an issue with a student who needs to have a guide dog accompany him or her in Israel, the dog will be able to enter the country and can live in the dorms. Physically disabled students will likely have difficulty on our off-campus trips and tours.

Psychological counseling is a private expense, but The International School will refer the student to an English speaking Psychologist/psychiatrist available on campus. Medical clinics for international students are located off campus.

Classroom and Academics

All facilities on campus are accessible either through the ground-floor- level or via an elevator and if a student needs specific access a classroom can be relocated to accommodate the student. The Health Clinic and Pharmacies are located off campus and vary according with regard to accessibility.

On campus there are accessible bathrooms in key areas (classrooms, housing, food services, library) and there are ramps to circumvent steps and uneven ground.

Excursions and Field Trips

A student with a physical disability would have difficulty with the fieldtrips and at this time we are not able to provide alternative options. The public transportation system in Israel is not always able to accommodate physically disabled individuals.

Housing and Food Services

There is accessible housing and food services.

Students can access all points on campus using elevators, ramps, and ground-floor- access. There are special apartments for students with physical disabilities.

Using the special accessible routes it would take a student about 25 minutes to get from one end of campus (the dormitories) to the other (far end of campus, library and certain classrooms)


We do not have a Braille printer, we can provide computer labs, tape recorders and scanners for the students use.

There are limited additional accommodations that the International School can provide, however, we can help to arrange for additional assistance, this will likely be an additional expense to the student. Students in Israel are generally willing to share notes, and we help students to make this arrangement once they have arrived to campus.

It is not a problem to arrange extra test time or a quiet space to take tests.


The public transportation system in Israel is not always able to accommodate physically disabled individuals.