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US Health Insurance Requirement

    The University of Minnesota requires that you retain US health insurance while enrolled as a student at the University of Minnesota. This includes while enrolled on a learning abroad experience. CISI insurance does not qualify as US health insurance because it is travel insurance with coverage that begins when you leave the US and ends upon your return to the US.   

    Your US health insurance will cover you both before you leave, and after you return from your program. Should you have an accident or illness overseas that requires long-term care once you return, US health insurance will also provide coverage for these expenses.  

    The Learning Abroad Center does not verify US health insurance. If you have US insurance coverage through your parents' employment or purchase private insurance, be sure to continue coverage during your time abroad.

    If you have coverage through the University of Minnesota’s student health plan (Student Health Benefits) for the semester prior to their term overseas, you will automatically be enrolled for the time you'll be abroad.  You will receive an email when this enrollment is complete and should contact the Office of Student Health Benefits (OSHB) with any questions (Phone: 612.624.0627 or 1.800.232.9017, Email: OSHB will waive coverage for students with alternative US health insurance. CISI will not qualify for a SHBO waiver.

    If you have not purchased Student Health Benefits insurance prior to your learning abroad program, you may still be eligible to purchase the coverage for your term abroad if you wish. Contact the Student Health Benefits Office to discuss your options.

    Go Safe

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