Learning Abroad Center

Learning Abroad Center Program-Specific Scholarships for UofM Students

Exchange in Oslo & University Study in Norway: Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Students studying at the University of Oslo or the Norwegian University of Life Sciences are eligible for the Norwegian Centennial Travel Awards for Study Abroad. For more information about the scholarship, including application details and deadlines, visit College of Biological Sciences, Opportunities in Education.

Freshman Seminars

Students participating in Freshman Seminars who demonstrate financial need are eligible for the Gerald B. & Catherine L. Fischer Freshman Seminar Abroad Scholarship. 10 awards will be given annually in the amount of $1,000.

Language Immersion in China

Students on the Language Immersion in China are eligible for CET's regular scholarships. Submit CET scholarship application materials via CET's online application process by March 1. 

In addition, the Learning Abroad Center is offering an additional $500 scholarship for all UofM Chinese Flagship students for the Language Immersion in China or CET Harbin summer program. Students must apply by the Learning Abroad Center's February 15 priority application deadline in order to be considered for the CET Flagship scholarship.

University Study in Israel: Hebrew University

The Rothberg International School at Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers merit based scholarships.