UofM Students

Eligibility and Limits


You must be a student enrolled in a degree-seeking or eligible certificate program at the University of Minnesota to be eligible for financial aid through the UofM. Study abroad credit load requirements are the same as they are for on-campus study. For specific details, refer to OneStop's Enrollment Criteria for financial aid or check with the Office of Student Finance for credit requirements for your particular aid package. In general, Minnesota State Grants require a minimum of fifteen credits per semester. Most other aid requires a minimum of twelve credits per semester. May and summer term students must enroll in at least six credits to maintain minimal eligibility.


There are limits to how much financial aid you can receive, and your financial aid award may or may not cover entire cost of study abroad experience. How much of your costs will be covered depends on your study abroad program cost, your financial need, and the number of supplementary loans to which you will have access. In reviewing your options, you should also consider how much loan debt you are willing to incur. Maroon and Gold scholarships, and other types of tuition waivers,  cannot be used to pay for study abroad program fees. 

Financial aid will not release early, even if your program starts before your financial aid is disbursed. Learning Abroad Center-affiliated program fees will generally be due after financial aid is released. However, some costs will need to be paid before your financial aid is released. Application fees, program deposits and flights are commonly due before financial aid disbursement. Be sure you know how much you'll need to pay prior to financial aid disbursement.