Leslie in Spain

Leslie in Spain

“At the end of my study abroad I felt very confident in my abilities to hold a conversation with the Spaniards.” 

—Leslie L.

Leslie, an accounting and sociology major, spent six weeks in Toledo, Spain completing requirements for her Spanish minor. She enjoyed the opportunity to travel and immerse herself in the Spanish culture and language.

Leslie has been interested in Spain since she started studying the Spanish language in 7th grade. She decided to minor in Spanish at the University of Minnesota, and completed those requirements during six weeks of study in Toledo, Spain. She found that the coursework fit well with the study abroad experience, and she enjoyed being able to focus solely on the language. "At the end of my study abroad I felt very confident in my abilities to hold a conversation with the Spaniards."

Leslie also found that her extended trip to Spain encouraged her to incorporate international travel into her career goals. She thought being in Spain strengthened the feeling that she enjoys being in other cultures. Being away for six weeks, instead of a shorter trip, helped her realize that it’s interesting to actually live in another culture and get to know the people. She is now looking into careers and internships in which she can travel to other countries in a business capacity.

Leslie’s favorite part of her experience in Toledo was the opportunity to travel around Spain. She felt that this was important, because she got a feeling for the culture of the entire country, expanding on her host city experience. Being in Spain helped her reflect on being from the US, in addition to gaining firsthand perspective on her studies of Spanish language and culture. She also found that she developed skills in organizing a group and planning trips through her travels.

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