Jake in Australia

Jake in Australia

"The experience itself was worth its weight in gold.”

—Jake W.

Jake spent a semester studying in Melbourne, Australia. He was able to combine his career interest in business with his love of camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

In Melbourne, Jake took three requirements for his entrepreneurial management major: marketing, organizational behaviors, and human resources. He thought that his classes were more diverse, due to the combination of international, Australian, and Southeast Asian students on the campus. “When you’re in a group here, you’re with someone from Burnsville, someone from Roseville, someone from Forest Lake. It’s different when you’re getting someone from Laos and someone from Perth. You get different input and perspectives.” Jake thought that cultural perspective was one of the most important benefits of studying abroad.

Studying abroad has affected Jake’s future plans. He has declared a sociology major to cultivate his interest in the humanities. He also plans to return to Australia after graduation, and live there for a few years. “I think that I’d like to get into import-export between Australia and China. I have a lot of friends there, and connections with people that have parents in business. I think that it’s important that I networked while I was there, so I have those relationships, and that I’ve maintained them after I got back. “

Both in and outside of the classroom, Jake took advantage of opportunities to explore Australia. In a course called Learning in the Natural Landscapes, Jake and his classmates left the university to observe animals and plants, and learn about the aboriginal population. On his own, Jake camped, hiked, and explored the continent.

In Melbourne, Jake attended sporting events, joined a soccer team, and performed in a musical. Participating in all of these activities helped Jake feel like he was a part of Australian life and culture. He would recommend the experience to anyone. “The experience is so amazing, and the friends that you make, they’re lifelong friends. It’s worth any amount of money that you have to pay to do it. It’s worth the time away from your family and friends here. The experience itself was worth its weight in gold."


A tall church cathedral Downtown Melbourne skyline A scenic view of Australian coastline Jake and his class hiking

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