Non-affiliated Programs Process

Application Deadlines

Applications must be completed by:

If you are traveling to a country with a US State Department Travel Advisory, you should apply at least 8 weeks prior to your departure deadline to ensure you have enough time to obtain the required ITRAAC approval.

Application and Program Fee

A $50 non-refundable application fee will be charged to your UofM student account when you initiate an application.  Your UMTC student account will be charged a non-refundable $175 program fee once you confirm, in addition to the cost of international health insurance required by the UofM.

Before Applying to Your Non-affiliated Program

  1. Thoroughly review the Considerations for Non-affiliated Programs page and the Non-affiliated Programs- What you Need to Know Before Committing page. 
  2. Meet with your academic/major/minor advisers.  Consult the Meeting with Your Advisers page for details on what to discuss.
  3. Submit a Question to Admissions to confirm that the University will post the credits from the program/institution as transfer credits.  In the web form use 'Nonaffiliated Study Abroad Program' as the subject, and in the description section you must include 1) a link to the program/institution, 2) information about the institution providing you with a transcript, 3) a list of the courses you plan to take abroad along with syllabus, if available, and 4) dates of your program.  
  4. Schedule a financial aid preview meeting with the Office of Student Finance (if you plan to use financial aid)
  5. Start your UofM application (see below)
  6. Once you are conditionally accepted by the Learning Abroad Center, you can apply to your non-affiliated program.  Consult the Non-affiliated Programs Paperwork page for any form-related questions.  Learning Abroad Center staff cannot sign any forms until you have started the UofM application process.

Starting Your UofM Application

Use your University of Minnesota internet ID (x.500) and password to log into the online application.

Apply Now!

To complete the online application for the Non-affiliated Programs Application Process, you will need to provide the following information on the online application:

Center name TC Learning Abroad Ctr
Education Abroad term Term of your abroad program
Country Country of your program

You will be prompted to select a program from an automated list.  Nonaffiliated programs are rarely on the prepopulated list.  If your program is not on this list, click on "I don't see my program. I will enter the information." Please be prepared to provide the following:

Type of program Select type from drop-down menu
Program Name Name of your program
Sponsor Name of sponsoring institution or program provider (if applicable)
Host Institution Name of host university (if applicable)
City Location of your program
Country Location of your program
Education Abroad Term Term of your program
University of Minnesota campus that offers the program Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Center name TC Learning Abroad Center

Completing Your Application Checklist

Once you have submitted the initial application, you will be notified via email that an application checklist has been assigned to you which requires you to submit the following:

A Learning Abroad Center representative will process this part of your application within approximately one week. Once approved, your application status will be changed to "conditionally accepted", you will need to submit:

Once you submit the items on the conditionally acceptance checklist, your application will be changed to "confirmed" status and assigned an additional checklist of optional items to complete as part of your confirmation in the non-affiliated process, which includes:

Detailed descriptions and instructions for submitting each checklist item are included on the application checklist assigned to you. 

After You Are Accepted to Your Non-affiliated Program

  1. If you plan to use financial aid, download the Contractual Agreement and study abroad cost estimate (SACE) template and send them to your nonaffiliated program provider/host institution.  Your program provider/host institution must complete these documents and send them directly to the UofM Office of Student Finance. Do not submit them to the LAC.
  2. Once you have submitted all required documents on the confirmation checklist, you will receive email instructions for registering for a block of placeholder credits during your term abroad.  You will also be enrolled in international insurance and receive information about the policy and claims process via email.
  3. If you decide not to continue with the Non-affiliated Program process, you must log into the online application and submit a cancellation request.  Depending on the date of cancellation, the Learning Abroad Center will make a notation of your cancellation on your transcript.  Keep in mind that canceling from your program after the program has begun can result in ramifications to your financial aid and student loans.  If you change your program location, you must submit a new application through the Non-affiliated Program process.


Next Steps and Essential Information