Non-affiliated Programs Paperwork


This page lists information to help you determine who may be able to sign your non-affiliated program forms. You will often need to have multiple people sign these forms. The Learning Abroad Center staff cannot sign any non-affiliated paperwork until you have started the UofM application process.

Nomination and Credit Approval Forms

The Learning Abroad Center may be able to sign these for students with some additional notation explaining the limitations of the Learning Abroad Center's role in your participation in the program. If you have already started the UofM application process for your non-affiliated program, you can contact Thuy Doan for questions about having a specific form signed.

Verification of Student Status Form

If you receive a form from your nonaffiliated program requiring verification of your current status as a University of Minnesota student, One Stop Student Services in the Bruiniks Hall can assist you.


Financial Forms

Students using financial aid (grants, loans and/or scholarships): submit the Student Budget Estimate and Contractual Agreement to your non-affiliated program/host university. These forms will be provided to you in the online confirmation checklist once you have been accepted through the Learning Abroad Center non-affiliated process. The financial forms must be completed by and can only be submitted by your program sponsor directly to the University of Minnesota Office of Student Finance after you have been accepted to the non-affiliated program and submitted all of the Learning Abroad Center non-affiliated confirmation materials. Once the Office of Student Finance has received these forms then you can set up a meeting by calling 612.624.1111 or email to talk about your financial aid package. No financial aid forms will be processed by the Learning Abroad Center.


Transcript Receipt and Questions

To ensure your transfer credit is recorded on your transcript, have your study abroad program send your official transcript to the Learning Abroad Center.

Learning Abroad Center
Attn: Emily Mraz
230 Heller Hall
271 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Note: The Learning Abroad Center will only process transcripts for students who completed the Nonaffiliated Programs process prior to departure.

Once your grades are posted, the Office of Admissions notifies the Learning Abroad Center, and we finish the transcript process by changing your FOST registration to 0 credits, adding an S for a grade, and adding a transcript memo that states you did the transfer coursework in your host country. After the program, if you have questions about the process or need to put a rush on the process, contact the Office of Admissions (612.624.1111).

If you did not complete the nonaffiliated process prior to departure your transcript should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions (address below):

University of Minnesota
Office of Admissions
240 Williamson Hall
231 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Disciplinary Clearance Form

If your form is specifically related to disciplinary clearance, go to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity in Appleby Hall to have the form completed.



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